broken open

Have you ever relived an experience that you would have preferred to let pass? Examined a wound that you had hoped was healed? Realized that your broken open status includes the word, the sentiment “open?”

Any experience that causes, allows, inspires, tempts, threatens, (however you want to put it) to split from a sense of wholeness into fragments is an experience in brokenness. Yet, the experience that “shatter’s you” has another component ~ that of expanding. If you are shattered, grieving, broken, there is another option. You can, as the Buddhist monk puts it “go to pieces without falling apart”

Because we are taught we are an “I”, as in I Am, essentially, we can shatter. The I is not immutable. It appears to exist as in a large, white greek column supporting the Parthenon, the building, the body of our existence. And yet, this metaphor is also neutral, for to shatter, scatter and fan out, there has to be something there to break in the first place. This thing that can break, that can also seem to hold it all, is “I”. Yet is it true?

It is a gateway. It is the door we pass through to have experiences as an identity. We cannot play a role until we walk upon the stage held up by “I”. It is the backbone of the theatre.

When it breaks, it can mean any number of things. Why do you hear the expression “break a leg”? It alludes to tiers upon the stage – the breaking of the leg of the lower tier allows you to ascend to a higher tier and fulfill ambitions of greater _______________ fill in the blank (notoriety, fame, exposure, vision, integrity, et al). Being broken open allows a reorganization of “I” to a grander theme, a deeper reality, a more expansive view. How often and how much we break is a theme of great interest to humans. How do we avoid this seemingly painful experience, or, rather, how do we court it consciously? Why would we want to avoid it and why would we want to court it, apparently?

If we stay in avoidance, we prolong our current state of evolution. If we flow along with it, we allow growth. If we court it, we imply mastery, as in: bring it on.

Funnily, I am reminded of a comment from a facebook user on a private group in regards to the current “Pan”demic (PAN IS THE GOD OF CHAOS IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY – THE ONE NO ONE WANTS AT THE PARTY). She said that she has been trying like hell to get Covid: not washing her hands after using the public restrooms, going into crowded places to breath deeply and touching everything in common use….to no avail. But she wasn’t going to give up! Is this masochistic or an uncommon wisdom, a rare wit?

I am broken open this week. I allowed a split in my apparent “I” – remembering that it is only a concept of myself that can suffer or split or be in pain has not seemed to reduce the pain – and yet it is my utter salvation within it. Maybe that is what this facebook commentator was pointing to. Something that suggests utter invulnerabiity as ours for the grasping, the taking, the “not washing away” or vaccinating.

How do you vaccinate the invulnerable mind?

Let the feelings come. Let the grieving happen, for it is a timebound experience that will continuously point to the absolute. The freedom from not needing to “not feel” or “not grieve”. After all, even the fractured I is an aspect of I which is an aspect of I AM, which is God.

Something like this.

Kathryn Kathryn

An Invitation to consider Bread Crumbs . . .

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. . .from the universe:

What do you make of the playful Target cart that produces unrecognized objects in your cart upon check-out?

The flowering plant that flowers unexpectedly for a second time for the season?

The wild blue-jay who brings YOU food upon awakening in the morning, or your kitten who shows up in your vehicle without being placed there –

These may be what Joe Dispenza calls “Bread Crumbs from the Universe” – or a sense that you are in the flow of your life, and the ensuing lack of resistance produces “miraculous” results. Miraculous is in quotes to honor the understanding of our preeminent early 20th century scientist Einstein who said that either everything is a miracle, or nothing is quoting quite remarkably “There are only two ways to life your life.”

Esther-Hicks, a prominent teacher of the non-corporeal Abraham entity is quoted as saying “Stay in the miracle”, and a fellow student recently shared that they are doing just that, inspiring all of their mates to deeper levels of trust and therefore understanding that all of life is always working out for us. Test it and see!

What can I say? The teachers and sages who call us to their side through the ages are bonded to us in this understanding. We are bonded tight – think Gorilla Glue – through the medium of timeless presence which is an echo of devotion to the Love Principle.

Call it God, and say “He, She, It, They”, know it as I AM beyond attachments,

Feel it as the Essence you carry as naturally as your awareness of the breath.

Sense it all as “Isness”.

Let us not call it complicated.

In simplicity the spirit soars and soars, don’t you think?

“I love you” can take you in to the depths of Heaven Manifest, if you let it (Is there anything else worth speaking?) It is a calling card that we over-look in the obviousness of our being, or presence. So simple, so primitive, so essential, that we take it for granted like our breath.

When what we are so deeply that it is beyond question or doubt is allowed to come forward, the unessential allowed to drain away, a sense of rest comingled with play emerges. Doesn’t this remind you of the Archetypal baby? Isn’t it this state that we long for when we worship what we call divinity, that which is in a constant state of divining love, truth, wholeness? can you feel judgment or constriction or any sense of permanent age or identity in this state?

We are all measured drummers in this play called life. Instead of focusing on the variety of beats, you can train your senses to perceive the fact that we are all of us, holding the drum. It is a great equalizer, isn’t it? Even if you don’t agree with someone’s beat, you have to admit that it is theirs, at least for now, for to not do so is to suffer needlessly, which is the irony of choice.

If we take a moment to consider the Baby archetype that we all have been and, in the sense of joyful exploration can be now, we can then exclaim, and join me if you will as I wax poetic:

The beat of the heart is self-initiating in every single human.

It is the beginning of life.

It seems to say “Here I am!” “I am Here!”

I am Life

NO one like me!

Behold I am here!

Behold the Christ, the Christos, the

Knowing that I Know

In a body of flesh and blood!

Do not bow down, but take up your drum!

Enjoy the beat of your Heart in harmony,

No matter what it may look like,

With ME!

A chorus of Angels surrounds us as we do,

in celebration of Knowing again,

Having forgotten for just a moment now, it seems,

Only to Remember what was never lost,

Dry your tears of ignorance,

Refract a rainbow through that cloud,

Step lightly again in your nature,

Which is Sovereign, like every body else!


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Here is a video URL for an Esther-Hicks Abraham teaching about staying in what Abraham calls “The Miracle Mode”

Two words

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It comes to me to express words that are the lynch pin. They hold everything together in the possibility of freedom. Speaking them may seem to dilute them, and yet, a truth shared does not make it less so. Silence is the only truth. I tis the beginning and the end and everything in between: the background of being and the substance of being. The way the phenomenal world apparent is reconciled with this experience is through the two words that have been uttered countless times, yet little understood.

God is.

That is it in a wrap – and yet the wrap that holds you in these two words, that holds it all is the beginning that was misunderstood and only found again by going out from the beginning only to return again. God is tells the tale of the prodigal son, who “knows now what he does” and yet is never judged none-the-less as none-the-less.

More and less are reconciled here, God is.

Past future and present are reconciled here.

God is,

God is the beginning, the end, everything in between.

God is takes the wandering mind,

And returns its orbit to the ineffable place,

The Sun, the “One Man”, the everyone or all,

The Heart.

God is

Is my Salvation and what I have to offer.

God is and I am free, you are free.

God is, for there can be no other.

God is.

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Capturing Enlightenment

What? Capturing enlightenment? did I hear that right? Isn’t that like the proverbial “catching lightening in a bottle” ~ a pictoral reference for the impossible?!?

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Let me explain.

Of course, you cannot catch light. Of course you cannot capture what is eternally free and ungraspable. You certainly can’t take a selfie with it.

What is a selfie? It is a noun. Noun means a person, place or thing and is one of the earliest lessons taught in school. It is a grammer lesson, and just like we name our children by a nomiker, it is a flat out lie. We are not nouns. We are verbs. in fact, everything is a verb!

That is how you capture enlightenment by not capturing it! There is no Enlightenment, Noun, there is only the process of enlightening – verb. When you are enlightening, you are in the process of life.

You are birthing, giving birth to perceptions and meanings and thoughts. You are responding, or if it is unconscious, reacting.

Yet the reactions of life simply point to the ability to go deeper, to extend further, to alchemize, reinterpret and get a birds eye view. React to detach is a nice way to remember the purpose of reactions – to show us what we are attached to! And attachment can run hot or cold – the proverbial love/hate dichotomy. Yet, seeing this, is enlightening! You are enlightening!

This knack for detaching and seeing paves the way for perception and meaning. Since we are each making up our worlds with the content of our own perceptual choices, we can begin to live at the nexus of choice, which is not a noun, but a verb! We are not making a choice, we are “Choicing!” Why not “choosing?” Well, choosing works theoretically, yet choicing (my word, no copyright but free to copycat) points to possibility without having to decide (so can allow or simply focus on how you want to feel) while choosing seems to point to two separate objects: left or right, up or down, bad or good.

So let us choice.

Yes, Choice and rejoice,

For the choosing is over,

And the meaning meanders

And a tool is upon us,

To shower reality ~~

Respond thus;

Thank you

For choice,

And for choicing.

For enlightening,

I am captured,

To rejoice.


This is my 111 post!

Kathrynsings is “Kathryning”.

Resonant Contours

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Recently, I have had the honor of witnessing a friend navigate an “on again off again”, difficult and at moments immobilizing illness. It has not been easy for her or for her friends, as the diagnoses have been incorrect and or incomplete at times. Yet her constant attitude of surrender to the humanness that connects us all, the care of a universe that will go out of its way to align with her/our sense of possibility despite appearances, and her endurance and patience through the touch and go experiences of modern medicine allowed her to receive the care that she has needed to continue feeling well. Returning to her writing and sharing, she relates that the through line in her experience is opening herself up to possibility and aligning constantly with the divinity within, which expresses as compassion and love as feeling states shared immutably.

Reading her words evokes the medicine of the truth of the awareness of love, lived. The graces and openings, alignments and resolutions that she witnessed are like a blueprint. I found myself returning to moments of my life where I felt like I was in the trenches, and every grace, improvement, apparent setback or healing, and the eventual release of the problem or problems followed resonant contours: the gratitude for the medical care, the humbleness in the face of something that was experienced as “bigger than me”, the going forward into the unknown with faith and optimism, gratitude to those moments where the clouds parted, the phone rang, or the receiver picked up, the letter was mailed or received, the prayer answered, the setback accepted, the appointment opened, the procedure worked or led to a new discovery, the care and flowers and the moments of respite and peace that undergird. These are all familiar contours.

Although I would not consciously choose for my friend to endure painful experiences, or myself for that matter, it is also apparent that the opportunities to connect so deeply within and to come out the other side more grateful, loving, humble, serene and aligned are what are unheralded gifts of experience when we embrace the possible. To offer gratitude to these experiences is about the ability to see with unusual sight ~ a sight that could be experienced as vision. A google dictionary definition of vision reads “2 : the act or power of seeing : sight.”

This definition using the wording “act” and “power” resonate well with my friend’s observation of her “aligning with possibility” moment to moment. Is there any greater act, any greater power? This, then, is a strength that is filled with trust. From what I can read in her account, it is heart full of trust.

I can think of no greater Valentine’s wish, and I extend it to you, dear reader, and the all, ever, which is right now.


Kathryn Kathryn

Snow queen

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Teixeira Times

January 28, 2022

A snowy journal.

The Snow queen

The Snow queen humbles in her indifference ~ her bidding is not always her own.

Her visit communicates precision and illumination. 

Feverish, dark impulses and bodily aches she erases in her icy embrace.  Yet linger not there for she has lulled to sleep the unwitting who awaken no more.

She accelerates spontaneously and her touch lacerates as it heals ~ a negative gain ~

And you, enlightened, fly in your freedom.

Pay attention to the gifts you have received, and you may return and spite excess comfort.

There is simply too much adventure that awaits!

If I were to write a poem

To the Snow Queen

It would have to be on white paper.

Paper that knows it has been a tree.

If I were to write a poem

To the snow Queen,

Myriad points of light sparkle, blanketing the sleeping earth.

To find the right words at the right angle,

To refract Her Wisdom, is my aim.

A snow queen can be approached

In humility, for she at once knows the content

Of human hearts and minds; not content

To leave them untouched.

Her touch is purifying, and it heals, too!

Just walk in her auspices –

And feel.

A snow queen knows her worth and can communicate to you yours.  .

Sounding News, “Back in the Saddle”, January 4, 2022

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Greetings Sounding News family and friends, dear colleagues, participants and subscribers;

Welcome to the New Year, and I am happy to be writing this January edition of Sounding News. Entitled “Back in the Saddle”, it is a celebration of the new year, 2022.

Life itself invites us continuously to unfold the gifts we hold within ourselves. I often stop and breath. It is in this step of pausing, that I continuously refresh. It is almost as if the breath clears the space in front so as to allow for easeful maneuvering. I can see because I can breath, if you will.

Further, remembering that All is vibration is the gift of Sound, always. The waking state is full of sounds ~ the sound of the morning chores: brushing your teeth, making coffee, greeting housemates, family, pets, the shower, the dishwasher, the toaster, and so on. These sounds, are made up of vibrations. Even the subtle sounds of breathing and feeling/sensing/hearing the heartbeat remind us that we live in a world of sound.

Further still, our thoughts carry a vibration. Even though they seem silent, our tissues, which are also subtly vibrating in their watery casings, feel the results of our thoughts. When we can harness the energy of our thinking and tap in to or dovetail with the subtle channel of the heart, then we begin to walk in a sense of mastery as we command our vibration from our natural coherency. This awareness is grace, and it is our gift to grace to walk in its auspices.

Back in the saddle also refers to assisting vibrational awareness through Soundings. I love to contact you and connect through the medium of Sound. There is a mysterious quality in our coming together which has to do with what wants to be birthed forth, in a manner of speaking.

Often times, we have insights and qualities, strengths and knowing just below the surface of our awareness. We are looking for an excuse to allow those qualities to come forth.

Mark Twain quipped “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please”. So, you may say (take me for example) “I live here in Ohio, the United States and was born 1974 in Detroit. I live with a partner who is also my husband and two children.” And then, I can feel into that as a vibration, and play with it, writing “I live in the present moment, and am a partner with the mystery that is life. I breathe through my heart and feel what is relevant for this moment and for the moments to come.” Freedom.

Sounding your Presence is a beautiful bridge from the sort of wake-a-day realities of duties, pleasures and appointments to a somewhat more fluid and heart-centered experience of breathing, noticing and responding to life’s cues (and back and forth, and so on , et. al) Listening to your Sounding Portrait once a day or even once a week can support you as you “man the deck” or sort of “steer” the bridges of your life. The aspects you would like to focus upon, such as relaxing, allowing our energy to flow, and appreciating all the gifts in my life are natural gifts of your musical experience. In this new year and new month, 2022, celebrate what comes most naturally to you: thriving! Know I am here to support your thriving, and am blessed to do so.

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Thank you to all of my clients and friends whose presence through all of the peaks and valleys of 2021 filled me with joy and initiated me – availing us all of the deep, ineffable graces constantly present for us all.


An invitation regarding the World Sound Healing Day hosted by Jonathan Goldman and The Sound Healer’s Association is in the works.

As always, Sounding appointments and Heart to Heart Sounding appointments are available. You may sign up and pay for your appointment here and then we will be in touch via email about the details and know that I so look forward to service!



Scrooge analogy for 2022

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Why is the Christmas Carol, the movie based on the Charles Dickens’ book, such a powerful palette cleanser at this time of year? I would like to argue that is the triumph of humanism over materialism. Why do I use the word humanism, instead of human spirit?

It is precisely because the tasks that Scrooge sets out to undertake and complete for himself – his actionable steps, if you will, that bring the ideas he learned in his reckoning with time past, present and future, to the ground. Where the rubber meets the road, as they say.

If we look at the tale from Jungian point of view, all the characters representing an aspect of one psyche, we see that a life lived in materialism is not necessarily wasted. It could have been that the very materialism that Scrooge worshiped allowed him to finally transcend it. And along the way, he makes a good point about paying taxes. It is not against the law to be miserly, and it is also very helpful to support society through taxes for the impoverished, uneducated, and violent. These simple acts of maintaining a business and commerce is one of those unsung heroic deeds of working men and women everywhere. Yet, Scrooge wants more. He is haunted, eventually, by his only friend and business partner, who was unable to move on to the next level of evolution because he head not finished certain tasks. He had not been able to reconcile how he had behaved in his life, and was weighted down by guilt and remorse. This is a self-correcting aspect of the human psyche. It is perhaps why we don’t like to speak about death openly and candidly. It forces us to look in the mirror and reckon with our life’s choices, attitudes and beliefs. Yet the fact that we cannot bring anything with us – the cold hard fact – shown towards the end of the movie when the Angel of Death brings Ebenezer to his grave is not enough to make us mend our ways, either. No, what finally allows us to move forward is the little child within, the Tiny Tim who longs for love and care and guidance through the challenges of growing up – how to walk without crutches – how to move forward and maintain heart, courage and wit. This love that goes unexpressed in Scrooge’s life bursts forth after he realizes that is the truest wealth he has to offer the world. Of course he has great discernment and doesn’t just throw his money away, but begins to “squander it” little by little, generously according to what the other characters can possibly absorb. He does so without flash or asking for recognition. Some might ask – is it too much a price to pay – to live so selfishly and only at the end shower his love on the world? Who are we to say? The precise movements of the Soul are the domain of each individual’s perception. That Scrooge allowed himself, was allowed, however you want to word it, to explore the excess of materialism is what eventually lead to – not just the generosity – but the discernment with which to share it. And because he had behaved so badly, he felt, he could now behave like a saint, and nobody would resent him for it! And well does he behave. Through uncorking all the love that he has repressed through his life, he is able to wield the power of transformation through extraordinary grace available to us all. And he did it his way,, and he did it fast.

So, who are we to judge in 2022 those of us Scrooge like with our time, money, and any other resource? What great transformation awaits us? When is selfishness, in fact, a virtue, – or, more precisely, when is it not?

Merry New Year to the Scrooge in us all,


Kathryn Kathryn

Letter to the children’s school leaders:

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Before I begin, I want to tell you a little about me:

acknowledge that my voice might be a lone one in a sea of compliance – a compliance born out of fear, apathy, curiosity, and a mindset of “Where we don’t understand, let us instead, command”. 

I want to acknowledge that as I write this, it is 2am, a time in which my body is usually asleep, yet conscious peaks where the heart is awake to

I want to acknowledge that one of my children came home with a stress headache today and missed a favorite activity because of sharing with me that “people are against me” at school.  He’s worried for his mom! 

I want to acknowledge that there are more categories to be explored besides the consciousness of “vaxer” and “anti-vaxer” and, as one 12-year child asked me what side I was on demonstrated, it really is a divice of issue.  When I answered that I am for the individual – the individual person/family, they became silent.  This is not a conversation that an elementary school student could initiate with me, I feel.  A five-year-old is more of a feeling being, not cognizant, and a fifth grader is preoccupied with other developmental duties.  Introducing a medical procedure in our buildings may bring in the unintended consequence of feeling like you exist on a side – a side that separates you from your classmates and other students.  Who speaks of individuality in primary school?  Further . . .

Have you considered:

There are parents that feel that the vaccine may not be appropriate for their child at this time and that the peer pressure to conform to the school’s declaration that is is “good news” that their facility will be used as a vaccine site may put them and their family outside of the narrative, creating false divisions of “good/bad” and “right/wrong” as it concerns decisions that are medical in nature and therefore sensitive and the domain of each family’s private choice?

Have you considered that those children who are not vaccinated are ostracized from those who are – that the idea that people who aren’t vaccinated are “not safe” to be around – a theme that is very popular in promoting vaccine usage but may be more of a mind-set based on a sense of trepidation – the unknown?

Have you considered the placebo/nocebo effect and this very real phenomenon of being cured or harmed by the investment in belief – be it a medicine, a diagnosis, a procedure – and the results of that belief on the functioning of every system of the body – whether it be to upgrade or downgrade the system? 

Have you considered that the territory of our children’s school – a place where they have been free to study and play in the presence of familiar adults and peers and the fact that some of their classmates are undergoing procedures that could be frightening and disturbing or confusing, painful –  that their territory is  being invaded, in a sense, and that could be shocking and disturbing to some children, creating unintended consequences?

Have you considered the effect of cortisol and adrenaline – two bodily chemicals that down-grade cell processes in humans – on the children as they are aware that, as they learn all day in their classrooms, children in the building may be being poked?

Have you considered that children of five and ten, though very different in cognition, nevertheless have relationships with each other in the building, that in some cases the older children are paired with younger ones, and that there may be a feeling of helplessness as older children are not able to protect the younger children (siblings in a way, if you will, who they have been encouraged to “look out for” at recess, for example) from the very real fear of needles and being poked and prodded?

Have you considered that as medical personal monitor the health status of those who receive the vaccination – that their won’t be a sense of distraction as classmates and teachers are then put in the position of monitoring the students who return, or worrying about those who may feel ill and need more time/rest/ or to take the rest of the day off of school?

Have you considered that the consciousness of being around folks who are choosing or discarding what has become a sort of “hot-button” topic, no thanks to news needing ratings to hold attention, and if it bleeds it leads as they say, – and that the choice to focus on other aspects of healthy living – like the joy of movement, nutrition, friendship and learning that is so present in the classroom – will be compromised in favor of a topic that they are not yet equipped to think about let alone discuss with any sort of restraint or nuance or compassion for various points of view?

While the dust is kicked up, and clear seeing and cogent action that regards the developmental needs – and not just the real or perceived health needs – of our children is not yet available, why not wait and allow testing and other medical sites to be erected in more neutral and less-assuming areas of town – a metaphor for a more neutral area of consciousness for our children?

While the dust is kicked up, why not let our families make individual choices between them, their children, and their doctors – and leave the classroom a place of developmentally appropriate learning – free from any fear, trepidation, confusion, curiosity, distraction, you get the point? (no pun intended).

While the dust is kicked up, why not upgrade consciousness to “wait and see” and again, honor the individual prerogative of the parents and families with the help of their doctors, their support systems and their conscience – why not upgrade the message you are spreading to “wait and see” and “trust in the individual capacity to discern and choose” and therefore model for our children ways to downgrade fear as a useful mindset?

Of course, this discussion does not consider those families and individuals who are in various trauma states due to life-circumstances – illness being one of those circumstances – though disruption in routine, predictable behavior and resources, sources of support and relief being just a few others.  Can we be sure that the efforts to preserve the ability to choose what is best for each child and family will be preserved in the most vulnerable of us?  In other words, are we not, as a human family, a little like a deer in headlights having been at the mercy, so to speak, of the landscape of uncertainty and the fear of getting sick?  Even if some of us have gotten sick and recovered, the fact that even one person is made to be a statistic by their death – and may God rest their soul in that case –  by the effects of what is being categorized as a pandemic – even though some of us have not actually been sick or had a loved one or family member or friend debilitated by this – the fact that even one person is made to be a statistic – this is introducing what is essentially “existence conflict” during a time in a person’s life – childhood – that the thought “I’m okay, You’re okay” can be deeply and effectively programmed for life-long well-being as a supportive belief?

Let our schools be free from medical procedure and the seen and unforeseen consequences of – at the lightest distracting and the heaviest burdening our children from the business of being children.  The playground, a place we highly prize for our kids growing bodies, being a metaphor for a life of choice between many wonderful experiences, to be had, the lessons of strength, resiliency and friendship woven in unconsciously – is a place we must therefore consciously protect and ensure that the discussions we adults seem to enjoy participating and debating, exciting as they seem, made to be valued by those in our purview who have their own ideas of excitement, joy, discovery and relationship free from fear to engage with and in. 

Thank you.

Holiday update, from my Heart to yours

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A holiday update from Katie Hart Teixeira, December 14, 2021.   Photo credit Amelia Hallsworth, from Pexel dot com

Recently, I published, on my blog, a draft of my first book, entitled “Eyewitness”.  Wanting to strengthen the witnessing capacity in my life, the ability to observe without having to decode everything I am seeing and perceiving, I embarked on a journey that took me to my very heart.  This is a place of subtlety that invites surrender, because, let’s face it, not only do we not have control, but there is always a larger picture playing out.  When “I” act before realizing this, I sometimes put into motion events that are really none of my business – that I then feel the need to defend, since I put skin, or “attention on it”, into the game. 

On the other hand, this is the Christmas season, the More Christos (the consciousness of “Anointing”)  season, more light, more love – the antidote to nature’s receding light leading up to and surrounding the Solstice.  The darkest night of the year is December 21st, after which, in the natural world, we begin to wax towards more and more light, culminating in the Summer Solstice on June 21stWhat does this have to do with holidays, with book-draft publishing and with witnessing?

We are part of the natural ebb and flow of nature.  As such, every day is holy, or wholeness expressed in a single day:  the turn of the earth on its 24-hour access and, the sleep/wake cycle or our circadian rhythms, in a single year: the spin of the earth, day by day, around the whole orbit of the sun and the season within our hemisphere’s embrace, a single life:  infancy, childhood, adulthood and old age. 

We have little to say about these rhythms and patterns – they are part of an ancient design that, you could say, inhales and exhales our experiencing as its own.  As such, a modicum of surrender, humility and trust give us sway in determining the quality, the wholeness or holiness of our experience, moment to moment.  This is what we celebrate and why we celebrate the birth of light – in symbolic form as whatever tradition is in your bones – during nature’s cycles.  This is why I write, why I witness, and why I celebrate holiness every day: To remember.  To embrace what is and in so, allow what could be to unfold. To reach out and share my heart so that I can feel.

It is in this spirit, that I write to you and offer my deepest wishes for the conscious awareness of peace, prosperity, and trust.  I would like to quote from Father Greg Boyle’s book:  The Whole Language, when he says

              “You are exactly what God had in mind when he made you”. 

                                                                                                     Greg Boyle.

Remembering the goodness as my essence as the essence of each being calls to my heart this season and always.  Thank you for reading, and thank you for being you.



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