Life Purpose: relax into sacred expanses and breath your life.

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When I was a girl, around seven years old, I noticed my parent reading the newspaper. Taking note of the headlines, I asked about nuclear bombs. This was nineteen eighty-one, or so. It could have been this October 22nd headline:, though the exact one eludes me.

What does not elude me is the memory of feeling both concern/trepidation and a realization of clarity. I understood something that I didn’t know I was wondering about: that this civilization was in some deep waters, and that was why I was there. It was an aha! moment that has been a touchstone. Somehow the clarity I was given in that moment allowed me to carry on with the gigantic task ahead of growing into amnesia as a state of mind. To forget that I am One and connected and do not need to be reminded I am loved, because the connection to that reality is never severed.

Other signposts allowed me to continue to navigate my amnesia ~ and life went on.

Then, I gave birth to my eldest child, and a whole new mantra opened up which stated “It is time to walk your talk”, and the digging in process begins.

Of course this is all a story I am telling myself and most of the elements can be played with. I could argue that I never “fell asleep” to my true nature, but painstakingly gave away pieces of myself to those I felt needed the energy more than I did. That I would know how to navigate my way back to the wholeness, I AM consciousness bliss.

But who does that? Who gives away their life for their friends?

I laugh, since my truth is so malleable and real that it cannot be stretched into anything false. So.

Here we are, and most of my pieces have returned to me, effortlessly, of course! Actually, the lack of trust is the ONLY thing that has slowed the process. The so called “calibration” period. Ha!

Yet, we are here, and we are now. The present moment is all we have ever had, all we will ever have. And it is also so true and malleable. How deep does it go?

Who is there to ask?

The vestiges of linear time may be dug out so that the present moment merges the soul identity. The Soul, as the meeting ground of all that we are in every dimension or thought/consciousness area possible everywhere and every-time, has a breadth of ocean-beach-sand as-life-time-experiences-both-past-and-future-so-to-speak that avail themselves within the breath. At the beginning and end of the breath, so we are. That is where we live, and it becomes our total atom-sphere – what we are elementally.

who knew?

Anyone who wants to know. And that’s the truth, and that is me. If you would like to know more about the peace that I am finding and creating with the self-knowledge contained in the breathe, reach out here: and we can talk! I am learning how to do this for myself and would welcome the opportunity to share with you.

Kathryn and all of that which makes me.

Bless you. Namaste.

When I write

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When I write,

A quantum poem,

I take you to your edge.

When I take you to your edge,

I thenstep over,

And offer you a hand,

Into the inky blackness.

As I hold you in the void,

You find your bearings,

And as you expand exponentially,

I witness your surrender.

When I witness your surrender,

In the Heart of the One,

My depths extend,

And quake with wonder,

Yes, I quake with wonder,

When I write,

A quantum poem,

To You.


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When we are young, and even when we are not, we have a sort of delusion that we are going to live forever in this body. The powerful feelings that we experience as a feeling, or sentient, being long to be honored. This is where vows come in. We long to honor the experiences we have by vowing to allow/never allow something like that to happen again. We bind ourselves to the people we vow to when it is not necessary.

I have read that this tendency to make bonds through chemical alliances is a feature of tribal living. Feelings are chemicals and strong feelings produce an onrush of chemicals. It is a weather system of experiences that leaves the land of our psyche and body altered. We have all heard of dopamine, the pleasure chemical, oxytocin, the bonding chemical, serotonin for happiness/dominance and endorphins for pain relief. We have also heard of cortisol, the stress hormone. Many times we want to put words to these experiences – since the experience is so powerful, it must mean something, right? If someone in my environment is having a strong experience, because it is so strong it must have something to do with me, right? After all, I can feel it!

I can feel her anger, his joy, her relief, his curiosity – – feelings, thoughts and emotions are transmissible because they are energy, and we are primary energetic beings. We are also scientists of meaning and look to “name” everything in our environment in order to get it sorted. As young children, we are very open and very curious and it may be that we use the strong experiences in our environment to associate ourselves with an identity. After all, we are here to choose and discard themes over and over to find one that fits. We all want an identity we can be comfortable with.

Yet what if we aren’t comfortable with the identity we have chosen?

Then, like good scientists, we gather data and do research. Some may research popular culture and find a way of presenting themselves that suits their interests for the moment. Some may turn within and begin looking at natural inclinations and areas that bring a sense of order, peace, and well-being.

After choosing identities, we want to read up on that identity, digest everything there is to know, and then begin morphing into a more complete version of the identity chosen. It is like a worm who studies the butterfly and then goes into a cocoon to design its wings.

The most glorious identity of all is that of a multidimensional being. It affords limitless view points and it is a lovely precursor to being the One. When you are focused on I AM, or as the ONE that creates in an empowered and authentic way, you no longer need to look for an identity because nothing can stick any longer. You are connected within, and this connection serves as the ultimate compass, surpassing any need to define or remain undefined. It is ultimately non-judgment and allowance within discernment.

Moana’s chorus

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I confess, I have an earworm for the chorus of Moana’s song “How Far I’ll Go”. Here are the lyrics:

See the line where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
And no one knows how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know
How far I’ll go

See the light as it shines on the sea
It’s blinding
But no one knows how deep it goes
And it seems like it’s calling out to me
So come find me
And let me know
What’s beyond that line
Will I cross that line

See the line where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
And no one knows how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know
How far I’ll go

In my mind, the sea is the heart-space of unfathomable depths or the vast ocean of awareness. Some call it the last frontier, some cower before its unknown dimensions and a few dare to cross the line of belief in order to know. And yet “no one knows” how far it goes, and that is part of the allure, isn’t it?

Only the silence knows.

And only the silence can take you there.

Moana is tasked with returning the Heart to the Land to free her people from a looming threat. We are tasked with returning to the heart-space in order to free ourselves from the tyranny of fear we have unknowingly allowed. It’s Disney, so of course she succeeds (and so do we all, eventually, or now), yet her task at the end is to embody fearlessness in order to face the threat. She does this through coherent emotions which she courts with her relationship to her inner heart-song. Singing, she tames the land/beast and is able to restore the heart. That is the “wind” in her sail: her coherent heart and fearless usage of it in the face of “danger”. There is no more “If”. We can change the lyrics to read “As the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me”. The song is changed, and with it, her DNA. She has embodied the experience (in 90 minutes of animation) and made it her own. Now healed, she brings the information back to her people (with the help of a demi-god).

We can enlist the help of our dormant DNA – our Demi-god, Now (within)Awareness. We have 12 strands, potentially, though only two are activated.

Going into the silence, knowing the blood, feeling the heart-beat, realizing the bones, all of this time in the quiet space of the heart (a half an hour a day) strengthens the system to receive the upgrade to 12 strands of DNA. Coherency is the secret. Silence is the way. Taking the time to journey outside of the lines of belief will activate all sorts of “learnings”. I put the word learnings in quotes, because it really is remembering. It is in your blood. It knows the way. Your DNA will respond to the environment of your body, mind, emotions, thoughts and beliefs. You can program yourself to remember your entire divine spectrum of light (Bruce Lipton “Biology of Belief). You are anointed. Many have gone before and done this work. Many have set the intention to remember. Many have faced down the land of their ancestors (inherited beliefs about how to be, how to dress or eat, what to think about, et. al.) to the innocence before and beyond belief and reclaimed the territory of time. The wind is in your sails, if you want it, it is yours!

Much Love,

Kathryn Hart Teixeira


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There comes a time for each of us when we experience the painful exile of illness. Even if it is a common-head cold, you are treating yourself on multiple fronts: the sinus pressure or leaky eyes, the fatigue or sleeplessness can represent the physicals. The mentals (“physicals” and “mentals” are short hand in homeopathic term for symptoms that are concurrent in an illness) include feeling insecure or vulnerable, sad and lonely.

Actually, I am not sure which is worse, the physical discomfort, or the feeling of being alone on a journey not of your choosing. For no matter how conscientious we may be that we are creating the life we are participating in through vibrational offering and intent, and are doing so moment to moment, there is always the opportunity in this learning environment for blind spots or even regret and disappointment at our agreement – no matter at what level of consciousness, or unconsciousness – to participate in illness.

From an expanded view, illness serves many purposes. I have a dear friend who is utilizing an illness to “remap” her body in the vein of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work.

Just last night, I had a dream of choosing a horse to ride at a fun horseback riding experience. I volunteered to go forward with a group who preferred working with horses that have fur which is sensitive to the skin (I had inadvertently worn shorts instead of the recommended jean and boot attire). Because the room was dark, I chose a soft “dark horse” next to me that had an affinity for me, you could say. After the choice was made, the animal morphed into a beast with a human head (from my daughter’s current animation show) – “dark horse” indeed! I was encouraged to let this animal carry me and off we went. It turned out that the human head was a complaint addict and looked for excuses to leave the pack. Later, after a rest stop where I decided we were not compatible and made my complaint known to a watcher/handler, a visage of the beast appeared on my image screen – much like a cow’s anatomy in 2D would be available to peruse at a meat market with sectioned off various cuts of meat (et. al. ribs, rump, sirloin. . .) The beast’s sections, though, were being remapped to allow for different qualities to overlap the anatomy. Like where the low back was pictured, the words “charity” and “loving kindness” were placed. Other qualities remapping the beast included “caring”, “understanding”, “patience”, “love”, “freedom”, and so on.

Is this dream pointing to the purpose of my illness? Am I remapping my body which was able to speak with me in the land of dreams, offering me advice, such as “you are too heavy”, “I am looking for a lighter experience”, and “I can’t carry this load”?

What heaviness or load am I asking my body to bear? What is the lighter experience it is requesting of me?

I feel that the qualities in the remapping point the way, and the way feels very feminine. My personality likes action and progress, forward motion and “striking out”. Yet it needs to be balanced with so much patience and loving-kindness.

To be honest, I don’t know how to find the balance right now. I long to contribute and “make waves” with my one gorgeous wave-like life. And yet, my body is asking for some tender loving care.

Doing both is certainly not impossible, or even difficult. So wherefore the resistance? How can I make this common sense, common to ME? What gets in the way? Why do I feel like I am running on three cylinders when I am more aligned than I’ve ever been – at least it feels that way to me! Isn’t that a sign for “Green light go?”

Instead, I’ve chosen exile, for the time being. I’ve chosen to focus on the yin aspects of my experience and to make peace with my loneliness in doing so. It comes to me that this is a necessary part of regeneration – the coming to terms with the exile of illness and then coming to terms with the shifts that need to be made to support health, going forward.

But for now, I wait, I bless my exile, and I share it with you in the hopes that it brings comfort, knowing, support and freedom to your “down” times.

One practice that I am able to reach at this moment, after acceptance, is that of blessing the illness and asking that it relieve the fear, pain and illness of those who are experiencing those states any where the world over. This act is really powerful because it exchanges the loneliness and self pity of feeling sick for the healing balms of generosity and awareness that you are not, nor will ever be, alone. Extending this reality through this intention to all of humanity enlarges the spirit. A link to more information on this practice can be found here:

or here:


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This is how my mind works – or, rather, how I’ve trained my mind to work: I think of a question, something I want to know, and then I expect my answers to come, in time. Sometimes I am conscious of the question and even write it down. At other times, the question is barely formed and at the periphery of my consciousness when answers arrive and bring whole insight to the forefront. A magical ingredient in this endeavor is trust. A sense that I will receive what I’ve asked for. Yesterday I immersed myself in the work of Michael Newton, who writes about his research with trance patients who have been regressed to past lives as well as the Life between lives that we experience with our soul group and guides and various dimensional beings in, well, various dimensional areas, such as for rest, healing, life-review, study, meeting soul mates, consulting a Council of Elders . . .

You get the picture. I was beginning to resonate with all of these dimensions and wanted to feel the joy of reconnecting with all that I AM beyond the veil.

For example, I asked myself what it would be like to see and speak with my guides and soul-group members. I wanted a face to face visit with a Council of Elders. I posed that these queries be actuated in my dream-time and that I would be able to remember and acknowledge that this has been so upon awakening.

You may notice that the photo chosen for this entry is of a colorless office with a grey-haired man smoking a cigar.

Yup. That represents a portion of my revelation. To be blunt, the cigar came first (!).

In waking life, I am not particularly interested in cigars, I practice singing and don’t enjoy breathing in smoke. Occasional incense is welcome, yet in the dream, that cigar looked like a piece of heaven to me. The owner of it turned out to be a grey haired suit who was not particularly thrilled to see us (who is the us? Me and some friends who wanted to see how this was all going to “go down”). This, “oh, you” attitude contrasted deeply with the idea I had from my reading and research of a benevolent and loving council of elders welcoming me into their wise and ethereally loving circle.

A roomy but grey executive office with a taciturn boss who wasn’t interested in a visit. hmmm.

Maybe I didn’t really need the answer to my question to look like I believed I wanted.

The subtle hilarity that undergirded this interaction was born of playing with expectations. What did I expect? I hear myself saying. There was no lack of depth in the experience I designed and crafted to give me a piece of the Life between Lives action. I like adventurous experiences, so hypnotic regression to life between life dimensions sounded fun. Did I need it? Probably not. I got what I truly needed, which is the realization that I don’t need anything. Anytime I want, I can be the big Kahoon smoking the exquisite cigar behind the desk in an executive office. It is not more glamorous than what is happening here, in Earth, and perhaps, besides the perk of exquisite cigars, here is “Where it is AT!” Sovereignty is Key.

Yes, that is the precise message that I heard “HERE is where it is at” – the earth plane. Also, the phrase “close, but no cigar” comes to mind, because I may be off task asking for spiritual assignations. Why? seems to be the underlying question. What is my motivation? To enhance my status? To know more? Why?

Turning to the other request, that of being with my soul group. I was led to an enclosure with many colleagues. All were busy with their current work and didn’t have great interest in my query ~ yet we are all allowed to assist with the integrity of a colleagues current assignment, which we did to great effect. Afterwards, as celebration, a magnificent three dimensional painting was unveiled. It was a mixture of mists with blues, purples and pinks and you could enter it and feel its textures and essences. There were tiny dot focal points of luminosity in black and white, as well. The overall feel was that of an exquisite and ever-changing tapestry with threads that were more like points of light or interest, constantly interweaving and effecting one another. The cloud or mist like texture belied the absolute strength of the “knowing” of this art work. The self-knowledge of it’s absolute being. This comes to me as an artwork that my soul group is weaving as an offering to the whole. Emperor and empresses we are aware we are. Focused, clear, deft, precise and regal in all of our work. Though I did not stay long, the group had a loving yet firm feel of “you don’t need the reassurances you seek. We have your back, as you have ours, always.” Yet there was a great joy at the unveiling of our combined project. Awe and humility mixed in, as well as pride.

The combination of these two visages leaves an imprint of soul satisfaction. My desire for reassurance, contact, and adventure morphed to “expect the unexpected”, “don’t underestimate yourself”
, and “stop asking for help, we all (including you, have more important things to do!”. All of this was communicated with a dry yet playful humor without any judgement whatsoever. Adventure? Check!

Now to bring my health up to speed by having patience during my head cold and belly pains phase. And to find a MD I can comfortably talk to.

That’s it for now.

Ushering Forth

Dream time is so rich, so archetypal and such a common denominator. We are all visionaries and prophets with witness to our wholeness. Untapped resources abound. Let’s put those resources on ready-tap and get high on life’s wisdom!

My dreams are not personal, and their messages are universal, so why not use them as a template for writing and reflection here?

I can think of no reason why not.

Doing so is like being coming adept in metallurgy – extracting the gold from the surrounding dross through the fires of insight.

There is no mistake here. Dreamtimes are full of possibilities and probabilities, and they afford the ability to connect the dots in the present “waking” moment in away that is symbolic, it is archetypal, and it has the ability to ground you in a reality that is free from fear. You are the Master here, you are the alchemist. You are free and unafraid, and able to envision.

Perhaps this is meant by being woke. In the modern cultural terms, it is a way of indicating that you have come to an understanding and appreciation of angles and perceptions and movements of history and change in a way that allows you to appreciate where other people are coming from.

Being woke in spiritual terms is coming to terms with the realization you ARE the other person. It seems weighty and fraught, but that is because we think are projections are real, when projections are here as a mechanism for us to realize that we are projecting!

We are all whole fragments of the whole – likened, literally, to holography. David Darling describes holography as such


Holography is a system of recording light or other waves on a photographic plate or other medium in such a way as to allow a three-dimensional reconstruction of the scene giving rise to the waves, in which the observer can actually see around objects by moving his or her head.

It physicalizes LIGHT Waves! The implications is that we are entangled in a quantum level and yet we can pretend that we aren’t to know that we are! (Turn our head and look around!)

Dreams cut to this chase. As the “Royal Road to the unconscious” (attributed to Freud and his student Jung) they represent factions of the whole. The whole becomes fractured so we can study the different light waves. It is akin to an engineer who is motivated to take things apart in order to understand. To deconstruct in order to construct. This strikes me as miraculous.

My dream images last night included my going into schooled environments and witnessing what others are doing to bring forth vibrational awareness and freedom of movement as multidimensional being. The setting was (my) elementary school – a rich place for the landscape of the individual and collective psyche. There was an adept counselor/body worker who was introducing bio photons through the capacity of visual light, allowing the movement of light within plants and crystals to be evident. She was unpacking these lit up stones, and her office was spectacular. It was dimly lit and had a table where the student could lay to be immersed in these frequencies. The fact that they could be visualized leant the credibility of “seeing is believing”. This was magic, alchemy and a real “head start” education on the basic elements of waves as a mutual foundation with particles in constructing reality (observe, surrender and allow, look and see then change focus). The element alive here was “feeling is believing.”

There were other rooms in the school where it was perpetually Halloween in this way: archetypal costumes were available for the children to try on and play with. There were many costumes in many sizes for all the children to get to know different aspects of energy with which to play. There was a sense that many adults were returning to this classroom to educate and be with the energy of the children as they explored. The element present here is “Trying on is knowing”.

There was a place for counselors to gather to allow those who needed to express anger and grief to have a time out of curriculum to experience these states. To be witnessed in the passage of these states without any need to rush through them, deny them, or ask them to “behave” or be anything other then what they are: energy. The element present here is “All is welcome, allowed, important and seen”.

There was a music room which had many offshoots. Here many intermediate students were coming to grips with creating vibration intentionally. This was also a fluid place. Many guardians abounded here to make sure the education was “pure”, and yet they got in the way of a certain spontaneity and healthy chaos – showing that the structures in place needed some redress. Not exactly “a dressing down”, but akin to an “about face” – a need to “face the music” of how there is an element of child like expertise missing here. This may be personal as I grapple with allowing my voice and music to be a complete expression of my spirit. The feeling I get is “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” There are things to be gained from adult training and a child-like mastery. These musings took place within what was a request for sharing my music (in the dream).

Although I have a Master in Music, I am learning to become an amateur again (for the love of it!) since the education process sometimes interfered with the fact that you are actually a healer before a musician!

We are all human before we are anything else: soul’s and spirits before we come to incarnate ~ children before we do “adulting” ~ and if it is true that we do have 12 strands of DNA as opposed to the more generic two-strand that is our apparent genetic endowment (for whatever reason), then we are 12 strands (think guitar) before we are 2!!!

What rich music we are capable of. So many colors to endow with love.

What is love in this case? It is without a case. It is free to roam. “Love thine enemies” is seeing that even those with whom you have a problem need to eat.

“On the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom.” ― Michel de Montaigne

And I will, so to speak, “bottom-out” my post, here ~ *smile*

Infinitely Yours,


Children and the Rock of Ages

Man Doing Outdoor Rock Climbing
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Why do popular songs extol “The Children are our future” and “let the children lead the way?”

Why is the image of Jesus welcoming the children, saying “Let them come to me” and “unless you become like a little child, you will not enter the Kingdom” ~ in so many words ~ so popular?

Children, childhood, being child-like and so forth – these people, life stages, states of being, upset the status quo. Children are unschooled in the fear-based beliefs we teach them, so they are powerful. They crush our perceptions and defenses and wring us out to dry with their indelible ways.

They are so real with their struggle to come to terms with responsibility, and they play all the games in the book!

Remind you of anyone?

Such strong mirrors, and we miss it entirely because we are trained to be so very focused on survival. And, it is really hard to raise kids when you are steeped in beliefs, because their presence challenges those beliefs foundations. Sometimes kids are irrationally fearful. We can understand that, too. It is age appropriate. Just like our fearful species is going through an age appropriate adolescence while learning how to become sovereign and self-responsible again.

To me, being child-like is being honest to myself about how I feel. Feelings and emotions are clues, and when we shut them off, we have no means with which to inquire. Self-inquiry is the seat of the Soul’s magic. In this realm, we are available to everything we have ever experienced or will experience. We step out of time to take in time’s expanse, and put our self in the proverbial “rock and a hard place”. This is where kids are constantly. They are crushed, as definite personalities, by the present moment. Their staying fluid to their own possibilities makes the rock and “a hard place” seem like a holiday.

Meditation is one way that we return to this mindset.

We voluntarily take away physical movement and sensual movement (sometimes by using the senses and physical movement!). They are no longer haphazard and outgoing/purposeless. They come within the reign and rein of the indwelling spirit of wholeness again, which is play! It is play because it plays with energy, plays with memory, plays with attachment and perception, and plays at playing. This place is so holy, and it is the purview of our children. It is childlike because there is a surrender to feeling that is anchored in presence. What could be more therapeutic?

Optimism and regeneration abound in children. This is why we claim they are resilient. Yet, they are a mirror for our own ability to allow, regenerate, remain fluid and optimize the moment. They need our structure, stability and care, and we need their playfulness, spontaneity and ability to forgive. The wise child is the result. It is an archetype that is available when we remember – bring the members of our self back together – and this is no easy task, at times. But hey, since we are playing with time here, let’s not forget that there are moments of ease or rest, and moments of discomfort because we are learning to dwell in the rock and hard place without fear and without a care in the world!

Crush it, Dear Human!!!!

So much Love,

Kathryn Katie


Voice of Presence Interview with Kathryn Hart Teixeira

I: How did you come upon the name “Voice of Presence” for your nomiker?

KHT: Upon hearing one of my compositions – It was a composition commissioned by a friend – a woman I know called my singing “Voice of Presence”. It stuck!

I: What does it mean?

KHT: Well, this woman was responding to her impressions, so I would have to ask her – but to me? Presence is the antidote to fear. I have understood my voice to be a conduit for presence – as all music is – and I’ve dedicated my life to understanding how to feel my own presence and communicate.

I: I appreciate that.

KHT: yeah, thank you!

I: Could you tell us a little about your journey to using your voice in the way that you do, as Presence?

KHT: yeah, well, those moments of fear – the ones that knock you to the ground – those are moments I have had to listen carefully to. The edict of the rock-bottom moments of my life have been “never again”.

I: Could you say more about that?

KHT: Not really. It’s pretty self-explanatory! On the other hand, there seems to be a great sense of adventure to living life that I tapped into when growing up that never fully went away – no matter what it seemed I needed to respond to in life. I don’t think it goes away for anyone – it just gets covered over.

I: Why do you think that is?

KHT: The same reason it gets uncovered! Adventure.

I: What do you mean?

KHT: I tend to take a wide-angle approach to living. Especially since hitting middle-age. There isn’t much I haven’t seen, and reason and intuition tell me that we have many chances to incarnate and play all sorts of roles to our satisfaction. All of which ultimately help us to awaken to our immortal reality – the reality that we are Divine.

I: So you believe we are all Divine?

KHT: Look around you, everyone is evolving constantly, creating realities to experience and discard, and adapting to the self-created changes. What is there but the self? No matter what you feel about the experiment of humanity, it is creative. Creative means of the Creator. We are all learning we are the Creator through our experiencing our creations!

I: Oh. Okay.

KHT: It is not necessary to Believe. There is only one field from which to create all thoughts, feelings, actions and so on. The unifying field is no longer a theory. We are entangled on a quantum level – showing there is no space, you have no time. This is all a game of the mind.

I: How does this relate to your singing and meditations?

KHT: don’t forget I am adding “Heart to Heart” sessions!

I: OH yes, Katie “Hart” Teixeira.

KHT: You got it! Well, I was given the gift of music and sound – so it is naturally an avenue I have pursued. It brings me to peace, calm and joy, and sharing my gifts in the name of those states brings me a lot of joy. And I think Joy is contagious!

I: Yes, it is. Thank you for sharing your gifts. How has the pandemic affected your life as Voice of Presence?

KHT: It has accelerated, for sure. You tube videos have been a lot of fun to create and share, and the folks that order Soundings and Heart to Hearts have expressed appreciation for the chance to bring themselves into healing (releasing tension) and clarity.

I: What does that mean to you?

KHT: Oh, it is a great joy. It feeds creative energy and then it is like priming the pump – the more you create the more energy you feel to create and then you receive exactly what you are supposed to receive – that which is truly for you – and at the precise moment.

I: that does sound Divine.

KHT: It is. We are, because we are direct agents of unencumbered and pure, spirit, nourishing, undiluted energy, and are learning how to allow our Divinity to shine forth again. Loving the mind into its own ability to trust.

I: Where can we find out more?

KHT: I have free videos on you tube, you can subscribe there and to this blog, I offer lots of services, including Soundings, Heart to Hearts, and mini-retreats to order on my webpage.

I: What is your Webpage address?


I: Thank you for being here today and sharing!

KHT: It is an honor!