How did you meet Toni?

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This question is sometimes asked when I talk about working with Master Teacher, Toni Petrinovich. She is “my” Master Teacher in this life, though there are many of those who study with her and many she is preparing to, in turn, cheer on our fellow humans in this experience of embodiment. My qualifications are humble. I have just endeavored to say “yes” to growing into being a conduit of divine love, or love without condition. You know, the growth that enables you to sort of master your experience and live a life of peace. You become more and more masterful at expressing, releasing the Heart knowing ~ the impersonal heart that is more neutral and has a natural detachment because we know we are so much more than the labels we seem to come here wearing. This is a selfish act, though, to be sure, in that you allow yourself to flow downstream with well-being, choosing happiness simply because it is available and feels good, over needing to seem in control. Like we (I) said, humble.

The labels that I unwittingly and yet voluntarily took upon myself to wear were by design (Truly designer labels – ha!) and included many of the fibers that bind together and create a veil of forgetfulness; you know, concepts such as separation or loneliness, a sense of not having and not being “enough”, victim-hood and feeling put-upon which also can host a flavor of abandonment which arrives upon our birth into duality and polarity as a newborn.

The spiritual amnesia allows us to experiment with the many different colors and flavors of the human experience since it introduces attachment to fear states. My goodness what courage it must take to make a life here with so much veiled from our awareness! And, we who have exercised this courage speak from experience: perhaps I wouldn’t have had the impetus to awaken had there not been the necessity of slowing down to address all of the discomfort felt from ignoring the prompting of wholeness or spirit. To address all of the literal and figurative bumps and bruises of life with wisdom and understanding so as to feel at home here.

This is massive undertaking that does not need to be overestimated. Around my late twenties, I knew that I wanted to do things differently than I had been doing things. A conscious prayer of “I would like some assistance” for this endeavor went up. To be sure, preparing for this moment was the realization that it was and is possible to live a life with more grace and ease.

Enter, Fernando. My partner entered my life in 2003, close to twenty years ago. This meeting ushered in much joy and healing energies that further propelled the desire to live a life of grace – enacting gracious energies. While this meeting did its profound work, we welcomed our daughter Elizabeth and our Son Arthur into the world, further deepening the energy and will to enact life in freedom and love. So.

Here, in between the birth of our children is where Toni made her grand entrance. Actually, it was a very quiet and unassuming entrance that seemed “happenstance”. A chance comment from a new friend and the wonders of internet research yielded a you tube video (!) of Toni talking about – actually channeling – the Light Orbs. As I would later describe to Toni, and as she graciously printed on the back of one of her books, her energy prompted me to “want in”. It seemed both deeply grounded, and as strong as it was gentle. She appeared Embodied fully and also engaging in joyful activity in service to the whole. Can anyone say “Eureka?!”. Like a parched plant in the noon-day sun, I lapped up the living water of her teachings, readings and our many correspondences via phone, Skype and email. She was so available to my yearning Heart that I couldn’t but help to grow strong and wise in my divine self-authorship! So many fears and patterns shed and so many knowings reacquainted. Becoming reacquainted with my I AM presence and staying put in the Heart have been trademark results of her teachings. Surrender and releasing fear based stories encourage one to then go for the really juicy stuff ~ living as love-light and sharing your gifts through its beams! Recently a friend and fellow student shared he has been just beaming his heart-light to the all, and that it feels so good. I concur.

This is a time, while on earth, for going within and reflecting on divine attributes, since it is here that we really experience what they can mean. To have friends and mentors in support of this truth is so beyond ~ it is a gratitude that cannot be conveyed in words.

So, I will end this post wordlessly, and beaming so much love! Thank you so much, Life!



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