The wings of your mind,

Peter Ganaj, Pexels dot com, photo credit

The wings of your mind,

Tightly held to your chest,

Begin to be nourished,

By the energy of the void.

This void is beyond the forms that you treasure

And hold dear,

And yet it is not apart from those forms,

Yet feeds them with the nourishment of emptiness.

The nourishment of emptiness is a fullness of heart,

A clarity of intent

A clarion call for freedom

And the wisdom of impersonal love.

Your mind thrives in this way, though you may

Look to the Stars, to the Seers, to your Presence;

The presence of your Essence, a portal,

Subtler and subtler still.

All of these facets are One

The One in the many.

The many, your mirror for now,

Captivates your attention, 

Yet beckons it beyond,

To the depths of Essence.

Constantly empty your “many faceted mirror”

And project this emptiness, this love impersonal,

And the wings of your mind unfurl.

They unfurl and spread wide for limitless flight.,

And the Heart of your Mind alights

On wings of fire

The mind of your heart alights

And beckons to you, the All, Home.

Solar Initiation

When you recognize the light matrix that holds 

Each physical presence, be it human, plant, animal,

You notice that the tip of the iceberg, and the Iceberg

Are One.

Solar Initiation allows you to melt your fear and judgment

And lands you in The Heart of It All

The transpersonal Heart in the “thymus chakra”

Where you know that the ALL is an extension of you.

The Sun, in a sense, does revolve around you, 

For as you “Homo Sapiens Sapiens”, as a verb in the spiritual sense,

As you recognize the Timeless essence behind or obscured, temporarily, by ego,

You can embrace it all.  You can embrace yourself and Every All-One in Compassion or Copassion.

This spiritual sense, or Essence that we share

Completely humbles the you that you believe you are..

It is no match for the Magnanimous Mountain of your Pristine God-Awareness.

You Are That.

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