Must Share Love Now

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This is the imperative coursing in my veins: I must share my love, my Heart, my wisdom. This is because I am feeling a little “down” and the easiest way I know to feel better is to give my Heart away, consciously, through writing. Other ways that are meaningful always occur as the remedy and include: taking walks in nature, cooking for someone, asking if there is something I can do for you, painting and so on. Writing these blogs feels great because it is often in expressing creatively that I feel the most fulfilled. Using words to do this and typing on the keyboard taps into the left-right brain, and this has a balancing and calming effect.

So, Dear Reader, what can I do for you? If you have been following along with these posts, you will know that I have been an initiate into the mysteries of spiritual living for over a decade while maintaining a marriage and a home and birthing and raising two children. Yet, the only thing that really inspires me to ask this question is our access to the timeless present wherein our resources are at hand. The other thing that inspires me is the love and non-judgment I have received while stumbling forward into my wisdom. Let me assure you that putting my foot in my mouth, biting the dust, playing the fool are all experiences that I have and continue to have, and yet now they are woven together with generous doses of love, humor, and the realization that growth is inevitable.

Spiritual glamour is thinking that you have to appear a certain way to be considered spiritual: walking slowly and wearing flowing clothing with a serene visage plastered on.

There is nothing wrong with comfortable clothing or with wearing a smile and taking it slow. It is just this is no indicator!

Consider the mud-lotus or any plant, really. There is a great amount of decay and putrid processes that occurs to create the nourishing conditions for a plant to grow. That is what is allowed in spirituality. You see the forest for the trees not because you are on a pedestal, but because you are ALL of it: the ground, the soil and decay, the seed that dies to become a sap, the young tree with shallow roots, the sequoia towering high, the birds which soar and nest in the treetops and so on. This is 360 degree, full-on, virtual particle – field awareness that is available. Fully embodied thus, the present moment is myriad processes and points of light from which to reference. You are That.

What can I do for you that you cannot do for yourself? Nothing. I may be able to draw your attention to a thread or a point or a perspective that you have not considered, though if you have a question, it is always because the answer is within you waiting to come alive, as you. Let me say to then, Live it. Live your answer. And let me offer you my awareness that you have that strength to because you are a child of God (Allah, Source, All-That-Is), the Ineffable. Quantum realities are at your beck and call and available to lean into – precisely as I AM doing as of this blog post. (The works of Toni Petrinovich (her classes are now available for self-study at a discount) at are wonderful for introducing you to your expanded realities as she weaves the latest science with deep mysticism. Let me know if you go there or if you have any questions about her classes, as they form the basis for my understanding of this multi-verse.)

If you have a question, or would like to get coffee (zoom/skype/phone) I would love to hear from you. Has this post touched or encouraged you? I would love to hear your response. I am cheering you on!