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Sometimes when I am struggling to let go, to stay in the present moment or to activate my I AM bliss, it is because something needs to happen first. This “first things first” is to dis illusions. When you dis something, in slang, you negate it. You “throw shade” at it, in a matter of speaking. It is like, so to speak, throwing a dog a bone. Even the dog of illusion needs to eat. The illusion that power, fame, money and reputation/territory will give you a clue to what makes you tick, what makes you feel alive needs to be thrown a bone.

It is the dog that barks in the night. It is that skeleton asking for a fresh shirt in your closet. The demon that you want to be friends with – just a little.

As long as you make the illusion your enemy, it will persist. You will not be able to “let it go and let God” nor will you be able to focus, even, because you are rejecting what you know is a part of yourself. Shadow or shade is only possible for the light. It is made by light. So, in a way, your disillusionment makes you. It reorients you towards what is more true, more aligned, more you.

When you get a taste of the depths of you, it is like you awaken to the truth. You know, by extension, that you are not the tiny wave at the top of the ocean. You cannot identify with the tossing about that is the boat of the personality on the tide. Yet, outright rejection of this illusion reality that seems to exclude the deep will not get you where you want to go.

No. Like the Dr. Seuss’ book “Oh the places you will go”, you are in the waiting room. You are waiting while the work of disillusionment does its job. Sometimes you will wait a moment, sometimes a day and sometimes longer. It is not an idle stop. You are taking a moment to calibrate and gather your finer tools. Perhaps your sword of discernment is going to be made of a metal that is finer and more discreet.

Maybe your shield of humility is being fitted with jewels of loving-ness and compassion born of detachment and deep gratitude for the Oneness you exist within.

There are many rest-stops available to you. Today may I offer to you this blog touchstone if and where it may be needed. The salt of the earth that you are melts in the waters of self-affection and your conductivity grows. Conductor of your experience as an electric avenue of Godliness, which is what you are and so naturally what you come to want above all else.

I trust this writing will land where it needs to.



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