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Coming here, to Earth, emerging out of this electromagnetic reality and then reviewing what that was like is what this post is for.

So, first of all, “ouch”. yes, it is a birthing process, becoming embodied. Embodying reality.

Yet (and this is a big one), the process is so damn rewarding and it feels so very good to finally
“land on your feet” that you often have conversations with yourself that go something like this:

“Is it worth it?”


That’s it. It is worth the work. It is worth the moments of non-knowing and judgment and fear and pleasure and confusion. It is worth it, because embodiment means that you honor it all. It means you look back on your journey with love and stay rooted in the present moment. It means that you get to share your experience just by existing here, as yourself.

You have become, more or less, alive. Life presupposes the opposite, death, so that is why I qualify it as “more or less”. Life gives birth to life and death gives birth to more life. You sense this intuitively, and there is nothing you need to do.

It is hard to put into words all that doesn’t need to be done. If you know that you are eternal and that you are here for a brief flicker of a moment, you don’t feel the need to make things serious or full of some meaning or deep purpose or anything. You are the purpose: you as being. So you just can focus a lot more easily on what you want and therefore bring it into being. Being begets being, and it is contagious.

This post is a gross simplification of what goes into being embodied, and it is not nearly finished, this realization. In fact it has no start or finish, and yet there are moments that feel like demarcations. This is why I write today, to honor and acknowledge what feels like the beginning of “embodiment”. The Indian sages say “Thou art That” – that you are all of it. One without division upon the mirror of existence. The Tao tells you that you Are the way and to study nature. Buddhists will say that you are emptiness, itself and free from the burden of identity and the Christians emphasize grace and the presence of Holy Spirit, or God.

I cannot imagine that these words are empty anymore. They are fulfillment itself, when you are no longer afraid. Afraid of what? Afraid you are a what. Practice makes perfection, which is practicing what you are, in truth: perfect being holding this embodied experience. Alive once again to spirit to flesh to eternity and to time and to timelessness.

There is no judgement here. There is no need to judge. Embodiment is your reality as God in form, HU-man: God-man.

You are that. You are the way. You are God in form . You are emptiness and the fullness of spirit, therein, psychologically speaking. I honor you and I bow to that within you that is aware and awake to the living beating heart of Love.



Let’s have coffee: kathrynsings@yahoo.com

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