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What is courage to me?

Right now, it is accepting what is. If there is a change that wants to be made, a depth that wants to be acknowledged, then accepting what is becomes the meaningful bridge to the reality you seem to prefer.

As someone who is sensitive to feeling states and realities, this apparent reality of earth with its emphasis on right and wrong is a hoot.

I mean, what a charade we all play and how much indignation we seem to express over it all! Me, at times, included! Yet, if I want to enjoy the gifts of God, of Spirit, of joy and trust then a healthy dose of detachment is just what the doctor ordered! Then I can refocus my energies.

Concerns that need to be addressed, are. Conversations that need to be initiated, are initiated. Energetic boundaries that need to be erected for that exchange, are erected. Then, discarded, let go, to the wind.

The answer that is blowin’ in the wind, is always return again to peace, to stillness, to neutrality. Engage with this edge and receive the gifts of your focus, momentary.

Sometimes to lead and sometimes to follow is the dance. To free the mind and empty it of hopes and expectations, of judgement and ‘know-how’ or ‘need to know’ or ‘know it all’.

To pause as much as needed to reestablish the proper perspective, always.

What a joy. What gifts. What a promise of love and life: to live!

I wish for all beings to see the face of their love reflected back to them everywhere: that their holy intentions, whole intentions, are immediately received into the one heart – we all share! I wish harmony to be seen where it may have been overlooked, and courage to be felt and shared wordlessly: a glance, a breath, a smile, a pause, a hand outreached, a tuning or harmonizing or absolving and resolving. Call it absoliving: living in absolution.

Much Love from the Heart of the One,


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