Natural Mind

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When the mind is no longer prey to the conditioning we have taken on in the form of fear, judgement, irritation and so forth, what is its substance? What is it made of?

The mind is electric and magnetic, as is the heart, yet it is much less so. I am reading in my studies that the Heart produces an electromagnetic field that extends three feet from the body. The mind, as recorded on an electronic equipment produces a much weaker field. This is why the Heart, which connects us deeply within and is the core (like the French word for Heart,”couer”) of our being, and has its own brain and does not need to be hooked up to the brain to continue beating (we can exist brain dead, yet not heart dead), “runs the show”, as Master Toni Petrinovich, Ph.D, teaches.

A Heart that runs the show utilizes the mind in its natural state in concert. They become not adversaries, but companions and mutual citizens of a sane experience of living. More than sane. Some call it “natural” and some call it “supernatural”, which may be a way of saying the most natural.

The most natural mind – a mind returned to the heartspace – is something to behold. It is natural. We are taught to trust in other minds for a while whilst we learn to navigate this plane. It is an over-teaching, it turns out, or an incomplete one. it seems. When we extend beyond what is needed and natural, or, on the other hand, do not go far enough ~ we have lost our trust when we do this. Where do we receive the true education? Where is your Heart, without the fear of fear, calling you next?

I am re-learning what the natural mind is capable of. How it is in service to a heart that wants love, joy and peace for everyone. A heart that wants for you all of the warmth and humor and goodwill you can receive as it comes to bless me through you and you through me. A mind that is tuned towards our common destiny: as family crossing the threshold of forgetfulness into the river of remembrance. This kind of wanting is a natural wanting. We wean it back in to our experience, having valued this as children in a family unit. We win it back into our experience, an achievement that is not an achievement, yet a recognition of where our naturalness takes us. It is super in that it is no longer taken for granted.

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