An Invitation to consider Bread Crumbs . . .

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. . .from the universe:

What do you make of the playful Target cart that produces unrecognized objects in your cart upon check-out?

The flowering plant that flowers unexpectedly for a second time for the season?

The wild blue-jay who brings YOU food upon awakening in the morning, or your kitten who shows up in your vehicle without being placed there –

These may be what Joe Dispenza calls “Bread Crumbs from the Universe” – or a sense that you are in the flow of your life, and the ensuing lack of resistance produces “miraculous” results. Miraculous is in quotes to honor the understanding of our preeminent early 20th century scientist Einstein who said that either everything is a miracle, or nothing is quoting quite remarkably “There are only two ways to life your life.”

Esther-Hicks, a prominent teacher of the non-corporeal Abraham entity is quoted as saying “Stay in the miracle”, and a fellow student recently shared that they are doing just that, inspiring all of their mates to deeper levels of trust and therefore understanding that all of life is always working out for us. Test it and see!

What can I say? The teachers and sages who call us to their side through the ages are bonded to us in this understanding. We are bonded tight – think Gorilla Glue – through the medium of timeless presence which is an echo of devotion to the Love Principle.

Call it God, and say “He, She, It, They”, know it as I AM beyond attachments,

Feel it as the Essence you carry as naturally as your awareness of the breath.

Sense it all as “Isness”.

Let us not call it complicated.

In simplicity the spirit soars and soars, don’t you think?

“I love you” can take you in to the depths of Heaven Manifest, if you let it (Is there anything else worth speaking?) It is a calling card that we over-look in the obviousness of our being, or presence. So simple, so primitive, so essential, that we take it for granted like our breath.

When what we are so deeply that it is beyond question or doubt is allowed to come forward, the unessential allowed to drain away, a sense of rest comingled with play emerges. Doesn’t this remind you of the Archetypal baby? Isn’t it this state that we long for when we worship what we call divinity, that which is in a constant state of divining love, truth, wholeness? can you feel judgment or constriction or any sense of permanent age or identity in this state?

We are all measured drummers in this play called life. Instead of focusing on the variety of beats, you can train your senses to perceive the fact that we are all of us, holding the drum. It is a great equalizer, isn’t it? Even if you don’t agree with someone’s beat, you have to admit that it is theirs, at least for now, for to not do so is to suffer needlessly, which is the irony of choice.

If we take a moment to consider the Baby archetype that we all have been and, in the sense of joyful exploration can be now, we can then exclaim, and join me if you will as I wax poetic:

The beat of the heart is self-initiating in every single human.

It is the beginning of life.

It seems to say “Here I am!” “I am Here!”

I am Life

NO one like me!

Behold I am here!

Behold the Christ, the Christos, the

Knowing that I Know

In a body of flesh and blood!

Do not bow down, but take up your drum!

Enjoy the beat of your Heart in harmony,

No matter what it may look like,

With ME!

A chorus of Angels surrounds us as we do,

in celebration of Knowing again,

Having forgotten for just a moment now, it seems,

Only to Remember what was never lost,

Dry your tears of ignorance,

Refract a rainbow through that cloud,

Step lightly again in your nature,

Which is Sovereign, like every body else!


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Here is a video URL for an Esther-Hicks Abraham teaching about staying in what Abraham calls “The Miracle Mode”

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