Two words

Akil Mazumder photo credit, pexels dot com:

It comes to me to express words that are the lynch pin. They hold everything together in the possibility of freedom. Speaking them may seem to dilute them, and yet, a truth shared does not make it less so. Silence is the only truth. I tis the beginning and the end and everything in between: the background of being and the substance of being. The way the phenomenal world apparent is reconciled with this experience is through the two words that have been uttered countless times, yet little understood.

God is.

That is it in a wrap – and yet the wrap that holds you in these two words, that holds it all is the beginning that was misunderstood and only found again by going out from the beginning only to return again. God is tells the tale of the prodigal son, who “knows now what he does” and yet is never judged none-the-less as none-the-less.

More and less are reconciled here, God is.

Past future and present are reconciled here.

God is,

God is the beginning, the end, everything in between.

God is takes the wandering mind,

And returns its orbit to the ineffable place,

The Sun, the “One Man”, the everyone or all,

The Heart.

God is

Is my Salvation and what I have to offer.

God is and I am free, you are free.

God is, for there can be no other.

God is.

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