Capturing Enlightenment

What? Capturing enlightenment? did I hear that right? Isn’t that like the proverbial “catching lightening in a bottle” ~ a pictoral reference for the impossible?!?

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Let me explain.

Of course, you cannot catch light. Of course you cannot capture what is eternally free and ungraspable. You certainly can’t take a selfie with it.

What is a selfie? It is a noun. Noun means a person, place or thing and is one of the earliest lessons taught in school. It is a grammer lesson, and just like we name our children by a nomiker, it is a flat out lie. We are not nouns. We are verbs. in fact, everything is a verb!

That is how you capture enlightenment by not capturing it! There is no Enlightenment, Noun, there is only the process of enlightening – verb. When you are enlightening, you are in the process of life.

You are birthing, giving birth to perceptions and meanings and thoughts. You are responding, or if it is unconscious, reacting.

Yet the reactions of life simply point to the ability to go deeper, to extend further, to alchemize, reinterpret and get a birds eye view. React to detach is a nice way to remember the purpose of reactions – to show us what we are attached to! And attachment can run hot or cold – the proverbial love/hate dichotomy. Yet, seeing this, is enlightening! You are enlightening!

This knack for detaching and seeing paves the way for perception and meaning. Since we are each making up our worlds with the content of our own perceptual choices, we can begin to live at the nexus of choice, which is not a noun, but a verb! We are not making a choice, we are “Choicing!” Why not “choosing?” Well, choosing works theoretically, yet choicing (my word, no copyright but free to copycat) points to possibility without having to decide (so can allow or simply focus on how you want to feel) while choosing seems to point to two separate objects: left or right, up or down, bad or good.

So let us choice.

Yes, Choice and rejoice,

For the choosing is over,

And the meaning meanders

And a tool is upon us,

To shower reality ~~

Respond thus;

Thank you

For choice,

And for choicing.

For enlightening,

I am captured,

To rejoice.


This is my 111 post!

Kathrynsings is “Kathryning”.

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