Snow queen

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Teixeira Times

January 28, 2022

A snowy journal.

The Snow queen

The Snow queen humbles in her indifference ~ her bidding is not always her own.

Her visit communicates precision and illumination. 

Feverish, dark impulses and bodily aches she erases in her icy embrace.  Yet linger not there for she has lulled to sleep the unwitting who awaken no more.

She accelerates spontaneously and her touch lacerates as it heals ~ a negative gain ~

And you, enlightened, fly in your freedom.

Pay attention to the gifts you have received, and you may return and spite excess comfort.

There is simply too much adventure that awaits!

If I were to write a poem

To the Snow Queen

It would have to be on white paper.

Paper that knows it has been a tree.

If I were to write a poem

To the snow Queen,

Myriad points of light sparkle, blanketing the sleeping earth.

To find the right words at the right angle,

To refract Her Wisdom, is my aim.

A snow queen can be approached

In humility, for she at once knows the content

Of human hearts and minds; not content

To leave them untouched.

Her touch is purifying, and it heals, too!

Just walk in her auspices –

And feel.

A snow queen knows her worth and can communicate to you yours.  .

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