Sounding News, “Back in the Saddle”, January 4, 2022

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Greetings Sounding News family and friends, dear colleagues, participants and subscribers;

Welcome to the New Year, and I am happy to be writing this January edition of Sounding News. Entitled “Back in the Saddle”, it is a celebration of the new year, 2022.

Life itself invites us continuously to unfold the gifts we hold within ourselves. I often stop and breath. It is in this step of pausing, that I continuously refresh. It is almost as if the breath clears the space in front so as to allow for easeful maneuvering. I can see because I can breath, if you will.

Further, remembering that All is vibration is the gift of Sound, always. The waking state is full of sounds ~ the sound of the morning chores: brushing your teeth, making coffee, greeting housemates, family, pets, the shower, the dishwasher, the toaster, and so on. These sounds, are made up of vibrations. Even the subtle sounds of breathing and feeling/sensing/hearing the heartbeat remind us that we live in a world of sound.

Further still, our thoughts carry a vibration. Even though they seem silent, our tissues, which are also subtly vibrating in their watery casings, feel the results of our thoughts. When we can harness the energy of our thinking and tap in to or dovetail with the subtle channel of the heart, then we begin to walk in a sense of mastery as we command our vibration from our natural coherency. This awareness is grace, and it is our gift to grace to walk in its auspices.

Back in the saddle also refers to assisting vibrational awareness through Soundings. I love to contact you and connect through the medium of Sound. There is a mysterious quality in our coming together which has to do with what wants to be birthed forth, in a manner of speaking.

Often times, we have insights and qualities, strengths and knowing just below the surface of our awareness. We are looking for an excuse to allow those qualities to come forth.

Mark Twain quipped “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please”. So, you may say (take me for example) “I live here in Ohio, the United States and was born 1974 in Detroit. I live with a partner who is also my husband and two children.” And then, I can feel into that as a vibration, and play with it, writing “I live in the present moment, and am a partner with the mystery that is life. I breathe through my heart and feel what is relevant for this moment and for the moments to come.” Freedom.

Sounding your Presence is a beautiful bridge from the sort of wake-a-day realities of duties, pleasures and appointments to a somewhat more fluid and heart-centered experience of breathing, noticing and responding to life’s cues (and back and forth, and so on , et. al) Listening to your Sounding Portrait once a day or even once a week can support you as you “man the deck” or sort of “steer” the bridges of your life. The aspects you would like to focus upon, such as relaxing, allowing our energy to flow, and appreciating all the gifts in my life are natural gifts of your musical experience. In this new year and new month, 2022, celebrate what comes most naturally to you: thriving! Know I am here to support your thriving, and am blessed to do so.

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Thank you to all of my clients and friends whose presence through all of the peaks and valleys of 2021 filled me with joy and initiated me – availing us all of the deep, ineffable graces constantly present for us all.


An invitation regarding the World Sound Healing Day hosted by Jonathan Goldman and The Sound Healer’s Association is in the works.

As always, Sounding appointments and Heart to Heart Sounding appointments are available. You may sign up and pay for your appointment here and then we will be in touch via email about the details and know that I so look forward to service!



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