Is the time NOW? Is there any other time?

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There is a taboo about talking about the real things in life ~ like if we admit that we are so ephemeral and subject so forces of which we are not in control, that somehow it speeds up the evolution of us all and the game can no longer be played. It’s like the curtain covering the Wizard becomes obsolete. Yet, the only one who suffers is the wizard! Everyone else gets to breathe a sigh of relief that the whole damn thing is made-up. There are no ghouls, goblins, witches, and impossible tasks – only those we feed with our belief!Why is the wizard able to do this? What great power does he have that enables him to get others to do his bidding? He sees that we want to be taken care of. That we want help to go home. That we are lost and cannot find our heart, our mind, our courage, or our way. yes. yes. yes. Yet it took the tiniest dog with the biggest name (toto or “all”) in the movie version of “The wizard of Oz” to venture behind the curtain to have a peek – revealing the whole scam.When, in our wholeness, we demand the truth – we become mighty. It doesn’t matter our size or courage. It matters that we claim our wholeness – which is no match for wizard – a metaphor for the conditioned mind. One ounce of wholeness, when used with the force of our will and intention, can uncover the whole charade. Stepping into the truth must follow, for claiming our wholeness is a grace uncommon that you grant to yourself, and once you begin to claim each next step, no matter how feebly or faltering, freedom must follow in your footsteps. To claim grace is to become so disillusioned (distant from illusion) that the illusion itself is empowered to change, and you could care less. When will we speak freely to each other about what matters the most? When will we be free to admit that we are here, that we exist ~ that and nothing else ~ and so to discover what can be known no other way?

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