Hello, Darian!

Photo credit by Ms. LOUW from Pexels dot com: Dolphins playing! This photo reminds me of Darian b/c of her playful energy and the dolphin sounds she makes.

I just finished a weekly musical enrichment lesson with my student, Darian. In her honor, her mom wrote a review of our time together here:

A dear friend of mine and my daughter, Darian, introduced us to Katie and her musical abilities. To those who may not know us, Darian was hit by a drunk driver several years ago. She spent 7 months in a coma and has a traumatic brain injury. Along with having a beautiful voice, Katie is also a composer. Darian and I look forward to our weekly Zoom visits with Katie. She is so intuitive and capable of bringing us what we need from her music on those days. We love being in the moment with Katie during our visits. She has enriched our lives and we are honored by her presence. Darian and I both love our time with her and I love watching Darian interact with Katie in such a loving and fun way. Love, Libby Aira

Although Darian’s story has its low points, I don’t see Darian or Libby staying there. I see them weekly, brushing the dust off of their sleeves, in a matter of speaking, and open to the fun times that we can have through music and communion in the heart-space. So, in honor, I share this recording of “Hello, Dolly” except I will be inserting “Darian” for Dolly, since this is the song that was song to her when she finally did come out of that coma. Her life, to many, may be seen as severely limited in a physical sense, yet Darian has a glorious sense of truth and freedom which she shares generously. Her voice, to my ears, is beautiful. Without further ado:

Love Always,



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