Sounding News, August, 2021

Leaving behind expectations has allowed a depth a freedom that I capitalize on in my life. Isn’t this the way for all of us? As soon as we stop fighting the mind and allow our presence to bubble up, life becomes clear and unfettered. The to-do lists seem less important than the simplicity of watching IT, LIFE, unfold.

Today I understood that my “worry” about my Sounding business was a source of nonsense. It is what it is right now! I have had a year of deep journeying into the heart of Sound and sharing it with the individuals around the world. Some sessions were glorious and absolutely awe inspiring, while one or two left me thinking “what just happened?”

And, upon inspection, there was always an unspoken expectation, or glossing over some essential ingredient – like mutuality. It is so courageous to work with Sound, since we are exposed as what we are: vibrational beings, with no place to hide, and truly, nothing to hide! You can shake what you are NOT off of your gorgeous being!

This suits me perfectly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It means that the perfection of the unfoldment of my life and work is perfect, without a hitch, as long as I let expectations go and stay put, in my I AM essence, so to speak, breathing.

Can you relate? Have you had expectations of yourself and your life? Have you forgot to notice, to recognize, how essential your essence IS and how there really is nothing to do but abide in this awareness, not matter what anyone else, or the mind, says?

Many people think the work is too easy/too hard, what have you, and yet the reality is that it is accessible when you do not fight the mind, and flow with the inner sense of freedom from any and all concepts. There is no other, so there is no service, just being where LIFE Is calling without attachment, this moment. And then again, this moment: and so it goes.

And by LIFE, I mean frequency, vibration, love of presence that is effortless because it relies on nothing, is dependent on nothing, not even your physicality, except as a vehicle of consciousness.

This year of depth and deepening is the unknown life, where I do not need to come up for air, and I share it consciously without expectation. I invite you to observe the depth of the Presence of your Essence, as you shift into the knowledge and awe of your vibration.

I want for you to experience the blisses and harmonies of exacting these states of awareness from the moments of your life, and the ability to flow with them as LIFE recreates itself through you. I have heard from various folks how this work has enriched their lives, D.W. from Michigan has equated it to “going to a spa for your Soul”. May it be so.



As always, if you would like to have a free conversation to share in the ideas and practices espoused in the work I do with individuals and groups, reply to my email: and let’s have that heart to heart that stirs you to your depths where your inner song lives and vibrates so lovingly for you.

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