Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What if, in the course of life, you come to the insight that everything in life is worthy. That you are worthy? That everything in your life is there to worship you and that you can worship everything in your life?

Is it possible that life can be constant and continuous worship, where the feeling of gratitude and awe is sprung out of the worthiness of being?

Of course it is possible, dearie! Why else are we born?

Where do these ideas come from ~ life as joy and peace and gratitude?

They are very ancient. Every spiritual tradition talks about being in the world, but not of it. To transcend the mind by loving it and taming it within the auspices of the Heart-informed Soul. To share of yourself without asking for a lot of credit or fuss. To work with meaning as the soothsayer it has the potential to be: as the catalyst it has the potential to be.

Every culture has experienced moments of chaos and destruction that have inevitably led to eras of transformation and coherence. Experience is inevitable, until.

Then, and only then, when we’ve wrung out the wash-cloth of experience of all of its accumulated weight and let it to dry in the sun of our source can we as individuals – later as collectives of individuals – turn our senses inward distinctly to craft our being.

Then we are the hub of our world, our universe-wheel, and the spokes of myriad mirrors create a kaleidoscope of sacred and geometric alignments . . . and . . . as the announcer calls at the beginning of a long anticipated baseball game “Let’s play ball!”, the soul . . . saturated . . . sings “Let the games begin!”, and the pitch is perfect.

Namaste, friends and soon to be friends,


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