Life Purpose: relax into sacred expanses and breath your life.

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When I was a girl, around seven years old, I noticed my parent reading the newspaper. Taking note of the headlines, I asked about nuclear bombs. This was nineteen eighty-one, or so. It could have been this October 22nd headline:, though the exact one eludes me.

What does not elude me is the memory of feeling both concern/trepidation and a realization of clarity. I understood something that I didn’t know I was wondering about: that this civilization was in some deep waters, and that was why I was there. It was an aha! moment that has been a touchstone. Somehow the clarity I was given in that moment allowed me to carry on with the gigantic task ahead of growing into amnesia as a state of mind. To forget that I am One and connected and do not need to be reminded I am loved, because the connection to that reality is never severed.

Other signposts allowed me to continue to navigate my amnesia ~ and life went on.

Then, I gave birth to my eldest child, and a whole new mantra opened up which stated “It is time to walk your talk”, and the digging in process begins.

Of course this is all a story I am telling myself and most of the elements can be played with. I could argue that I never “fell asleep” to my true nature, but painstakingly gave away pieces of myself to those I felt needed the energy more than I did. That I would know how to navigate my way back to the wholeness, I AM consciousness bliss.

But who does that? Who gives away their life for their friends?

I laugh, since my truth is so malleable and real that it cannot be stretched into anything false. So.

Here we are, and most of my pieces have returned to me, effortlessly, of course! Actually, the lack of trust is the ONLY thing that has slowed the process. The so called “calibration” period. Ha!

Yet, we are here, and we are now. The present moment is all we have ever had, all we will ever have. And it is also so true and malleable. How deep does it go?

Who is there to ask?

The vestiges of linear time may be dug out so that the present moment merges the soul identity. The Soul, as the meeting ground of all that we are in every dimension or thought/consciousness area possible everywhere and every-time, has a breadth of ocean-beach-sand as-life-time-experiences-both-past-and-future-so-to-speak that avail themselves within the breath. At the beginning and end of the breath, so we are. That is where we live, and it becomes our total atom-sphere – what we are elementally.

who knew?

Anyone who wants to know. And that’s the truth, and that is me. If you would like to know more about the peace that I am finding and creating with the self-knowledge contained in the breathe, reach out here: and we can talk! I am learning how to do this for myself and would welcome the opportunity to share with you.

Kathryn and all of that which makes me.

Bless you. Namaste.

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