Getting Sorted

In watching Netflix’s Manifest today, Season three, episode 11-13, it is coming into focus for me that humanity is sorting itself out on a massive scale.

We live on a solar planet. We depend upon the sun for our survival as physical beings. According to researchers of the clay Sumerian Tablets, including Zecharia Sitchen, there is an orbiting planet called Nibiru that comes into purview every 3,600 years. Nibiru as well as Jupiter are self-radiating planets. They do not depend upon the Sun for a heat source.

Where is this going?

I am not sure. I am just following the breadcrumbs and sorting myself, and since “as above, so below”, I am clear that in doing so the earth’s place in the cosmos will become a felt phenomenon.

Like the characters and plot of the Manifest, a group of passengers on a plane that disappears for five years and then comes back enhanced and able to experience “callings”, I sense that we are all coming to terms with our inner Noah. Let me explain.

We are all hybrids. Our specie experienced leaps in evolution (like million-year leaps) after about 11-13,000 B.C. Zecharia Sitchen’s work as an interpreter of Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets elucidates the fact that we were upgraded by the – the gods of the Annunaki (those who from heaven to earth came) from Nibiru. Those hybrids became the Nephilim. Of course, in a symbolic sense, since we are all self – or source material manifesting and exist prior to creation of any sort, it was WE who genetically altered a specie of our self that was hominid, but not civilized. In the course of Sitchen’s and other academics analysis, the Greek mythologies, the earliest writings – like Gilgamesh – of the events that affected earth like the deluge, (found in all cultures mythologies) all memory stored in fragments of these historically accurate events. Of course as they have been passed down thru’ time, their meanings have been altered, which points to the need we have had for the work of translating the original Sumerian and holding the historical remnants up to the original accounts.

Personal reflection: at the age of 14 going on 15 I had a religious “conversion” experience wherein I asked the “Lord” Jesus into my heart. This was at a Presbyterian summer camp that our church’s youth went to every year. The age of Initiation is marked in cultures the world over, and the church definitely took a bit out of that apple!

So, I consciously accepted Jesus into my Heart as my Lord and Savior, and, I have to admit, I felt an opening. IT may be that the age of initiation coincides with puberty, hormones, the ability to re-create the specie and the ability to think abstractly and in metaphor. I clearly remember being introduced, as a cautionary stunt – in my freshman english class – the Shakespeare Tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” and the Holocaust book by Eric Weisel called “Night”. It the elders saying: “welcome to adulthood, please don’t fuck it up.”

What they didn’t hand us, interestingly, was the Bible. Because of the separation between church and state that was enacted, wherein religion was no longer the property of government to dispense, the schools have attempted to keep faith out of the curriculum. Of course, it is interesting to note that the cosmogony of the Old Testament, while it does require faith in the gods, the Annunaki, the New Testament, even in its abbreviated and diluted or mishandled translations – even in its additions and subtractions – has obvious underpinnings of an experiential relationship with a Love that fulfills and transcends the laws old. The Golden rule, for example, ushers from the writings. Who cannot get behind that edict, to treat others as they wish to be treated, to, in other words “Love thy Neighbor?” – at least in theory?

The bible was in my hands though, and after my conversion experience I was eager to spend time reading up. That this was unusual reading for a young teen was not entirely lost on me, yet what drew me into starting at the beginning of Genesis, I am convinced, is the same reason Bibles are placed in hotel rooms the country over: It is a primer filled with energies of ancient cosmological truths that are found in the blood of our DNA. I was initiating myself, the best way I knew how, not be reading to understand the bible, but by reading to feel the effects on my body. I could feel the reading exciting my cells and my blood. It felt good. We Presbyterians/Christians, what have you, called it “Being on fire for the Lord”. I can feel that “Fire” even now, as I write. It is an inner radiance, much like a planet that is lit from within. Much like how the folks who were from a planet with inner radiation may feel – without need of a Sun.

Yet, the yin-yang of life is what we know as the emergence of the awareness of balance. How is it that we can both radiate from within and receive radiance from the Sun? Is it to be doubly able to regulate the processes of the cells, the secrets of regeneration? Is it the Holy Grail or the Fountain of Youth?

Apparently our Pineal gland dries up after around 20 years old. Before that time we are able to access the insight of the balanced view of our life – the third eye – right smack in the middle of a right-left polarity.

What happens at 20years, approximately? Was this coded into our genome i n order for our species to have a shorter life-span? What would be the availability inherent within that decision?

I argue, in this moment, that it hailed the entrance into our history of the sages. The Nephilim are the result of the mating of the ancient gods of Sumer, who in the Book of Genesis found the earthling females compatible and lovely. The hybrids had longer lives. Yet Earth, as we can deduce, has become a school of sorts. learning to master the yin-yan concepts and to reawaken our immortal nature, as found in the availability of our bodies subtle mechanics.

This is what the Master Buddha and Jesus did. They found a way to utilize their spiritual reality not to circumvent death, which comes to all creation, but to align with the subtle life force of spiritual identy.

And lest we place this reality in the clouds surrounded by unicorns and fairies, let us remind ourselves just how destructive the process could be: Buddha rejected the utopia he was born into. He wanted to find the middle way. Jesus rejected the imbalances that were the common practice and perception of the people who watched and followed him – he showed, through perception, life as balancing of forces that are played out in each individual. He and his “father” are one – yet not the Anu, no – not the God of Nibiru, the 12th planet – but that which is our ancestry in a completely different sense: as that which exists “before the word”. Before manifestation itself – Source by any other name.

Is it a lot to swallow? Maybe.

The breath of spirit that we breathed into our specie is the key. Connected to our breath and breathing, the rising and falling of the ocean of life-giving chemical compounds, allows the body to live. We are totally dependent, as physical specie, on this in breath and out breath, as well as the pumping of blood through the veins and arteries.

We are literally breathing ourselves into manifestation, moment to moment, from a nothingness.

That we take this for granted is the true hoax of a cultured and civilized people. It makes a deluded bunch of us all – yet, in some ways, this blog would not be possible without this “holy” delusion! For how else do we appreciate – make valuable to us – the most essential of resources of our very breathing (metaphor and literal) spirit? By the very fact that we, as Source, take it for granted! So, the inbreath and the outbreath grounds us ~ in what?

More to come ~

The Pulse of Love

I cannot stop thinking about,

Talking about,

That which the heart knows,

Without spoken word or thought.

The vibration,

The pulse,

The music,

of Love.

It is respect

For everything.

It is nothing

but self.

The self has no need.

The heart has no follower.

There is an empty fullness,

That refills itself

At will.

I don’t know what I speak of,

As separate from anything.

And it holds as it bears

And bears while it extends,

Without touching anything,

Yet leaving nothing untouched.

The mind is made whole,

By this movement,

And searching stops ~

And no-thing begins ~

And between the two,

Echoes eternity,

As a whisper,

Or as a soundless sounding,

“I AM”

Abed Ismail photo credit, Pexels dot com

Black Bird Flying

Video accompaniment


It is not a cliche. It is. You ARE,


Love. That is the shorthand.

I don’t have tomorrow,

I don’t even have today,

Yet love has me.

It has found me again.

In the depth of the Heart.

Love has found me again.

A refugee from the land

of the Mind.

I am lost again.


More Zecharia Sitchen reflections

So, it turns out the gods discussed us on a number of occasions. Thoughtful, eh? wink!

Should we be endowed with long life like the Annunaki folks who were known as gods? Should we be allowed to procreate? Should there be limits on how much the gods can mate with humans? This last point was a real stickler when it came time to decide whether to warm the humans about the upcoming inevitable flood. It is a real sticking point, because we had become attached to eachother: the human’s and the pantheon or what have you.

Reportedly, the bloodline of those mating with humans – the gods that chose to mate with humans – was diluted (made “impure”) which was affecting life-spans and creating more and more humans with less and less godly attributes. What were those attributes again? Immortality (!). That is such a rub since we are always looking to extend our lives and make them longer, more robust, et. al.

Mortality is just such a bummer.

Yet it turns out that even though we were allowed to go thru’ the diluge – the flood – our liason, Noah, had an in with Enki, on of the gods, and so our seed was saved after all – to the relief of all! So, even though the gods may have had to admit that they “messed up” and were so sad to have witnessed the diluge and vowed to never allow that to happen again, they also had to realize that they were too attached and retreat somewhat. Further, upon reflection, it seems that whatever created them and allowed their race to take root and flourish was also within the human creature they had guided to a more advanced ability to create – just as the Annunaki gods had done. Parting ways is such sweet sorry, though. We are forever talking about the gods of the bible and every other religion because we used to walk along with them. For better and for worse they are our progenitors.

Which leads inevitably to the reflection that all have wrought from the epics of history that have written themselves in our blood: where did we come from?

These answers were left to the sages, not the gods who dealt in colonizing earth. Yet, those gods were realizing that there was so much more to life than meets the eye – yes, we were and are all evolving together. We are all realizing that what comes prior – prior to what? Prior to the awareness of ourselves. We exist in that which comes before even awareness.

It is time for the sages to take center stage again and lead us all in remembering that we are the bright waters of Source informing ourselves. We are made of light and for light. What does that mean? That the game of separation is over – it never was – and that it is a hoax that we play on ourselves for the purpose of – of – and here, words fail me utterly. For there is no purpose!

The snake from the proverbial Edan is the symbol for regeneration. We regenerate ourselves as light and in light, and there are no questions, no apologies, no purposes or meanings inherent. It is utterly fantastic and utterly magical in its absolute unfettered – – what? Again, I am lost to words! Yet the Annunaki fate has been mixed with ours, and our evolution aids them, I am sure, even as they are so far ahead in so many ways. Yet and still, the fact that life itself has come under review – means the search for the Holy Grail is still on, somewhat.

To know we are immortal. To know that we can live a life fully alive. Awake as the Buddha would say. Free from convention as the sages would demonstrate.

Immortal what? Each has to come to terms with that question themselves. So many point the way. Yet, where words fail, experience sheds light: eons of time cannot extinguish the spring of eternal hope. It is so deep and so taken for granted that is no longer has bearing on the mind. It is lost to the mind. It is pure feeling. It is purity of being. It is, it is, it is . . .

More to come!

Review: Zecharia Sitchen’s Earth Chronicles

Book One is the first book in a five book series and the one I am currently reading. For a cliff notes version of this work, see The Lost Book of Enki.

This book is a tome of academic, historical, linguistic and reasoning power from the mind of the foremost Sumerian scholar of our time, the late Zecharia Sitchen.

He reads Sumerian tablets and translates the texts with an eye towards aligning with all of the efforts scholars have made up to date to understand, from a human point of view, our origins as a specie. This is the rub: we have been given the viewpoint of religion and science, which Sitchen establishes are actually on the same team when it comes to looking at the facts laid out in the earliest of our writings: the Sumerian tablet.

He holds the texts of the bible and those of the ancient writings up to the light of scientific and academic scrutiny to allow for the chips to fall where they may, and they often, actually, align.

What of it?

There are texts that bestow a history of our solar system as understood by a race of people from a planet that circles the Sun every 3,600 years: Nibiru. The people of the planet, the Annunaki, have an over 450,000 head start on the evolution of intelligent force thru a hominid species and in understanding the origins of the solar system and all of the accoutrements of an advanced civilization. Language, science, math, metallurgy, clay-making and tools, shelter and cities, laws and mores, space travel, time measurement, creating cultures and the supports of that culture in every way imaginable are available to this planet of people, and moreover, they have the sort of life-span that puts our human lives on the map for brevity! one “Shar” or year in Annunaki language (from heaven to earth have come is the meaning of that name) is 3,600 earth years!

Their lives are enhanced by their contact with earth and all it has to offer as a planet full of metals and minerals, a home for some of its citizens (known from antiquity as “gods”) and, eventually, their progeny, us, who were initially created to work in the mines so as to give the gods a break from hard labor.

The decision to give us, who began as hybrids and therefore unable to procreate, the ability to create our own offspring, of which we would parent and respond to, is such a complex one that it is hidden in allegory in the Genesis book of the Bible – a book that is usually quite straight forward and factual when held up to the Sumerian accounts.

The creator lords, the Elohim as they called themselves, had higher authorities to answer to. Could it be the serpent? The allegory being that which is our natural endowment as homo sapien sapien – to know that we know – that it is now a part of our dna and will have its workings within us as intelligent Source self-actualizing (symbolized in the east as the Kundalini rising( – that gave us the truck with which to move from created beings to creator beings in our own right?

More reflections and even more questions to come!

The Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God

How to protect nature? Short answer: love IT!

photo of earth from the moon

Blue and White Planet Display
Pixabay photo credit

I’ve given myself a commission to protect nature. I accepted. What does that mean?

We are not separate from our surroundings. The pastoral images are the most easy to connect with, aren’t they? The beautiful birds, the clouds and trees, earth, and the ability of fire to help us cook food . . .

Yet even the atomic energies are nature. That noisy plane that passes by your house, upsetting the quiet is as much nature as the flower blooming by your window sill. It’s parts are made up of elements and substances directly and indirectly found here: on earth.

One clue to answering this question is: what do I magnify?

The forces that are destructive leave room for creation. The disruptive noise points to the quietness that often surrounds us and the dark cycles back again into the light with the rising of the sun. Even though the earth is not flat, for many people, the rising of the sun is symbolic. We just didn’t know that the earth had direct participation in that rising, for if it did not turn on its access, things would be very different.

This leads my mind to the waters of truth that nourish my soul’s longing for access to permanent, peaceful states: Everything is always changing! And the blessings that are “new every morning” are without end! We always have our breath – and this breath leads to another and another. Endless opportunities for nourishment and connection. The Heartbeat is our birthright. It comes as the first access we have as a physical being to this plane – before the brain develops and thought ensues.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much available to us when we magnify the comforts within the reality of the impermanence of life. Not the mind based comforts only – though having a certain amount of health to enjoy life and enough money to care for yourself are nothing to sneeze at – there is a certain comfort, at least to me, in knowing that my body is here for a short while. That I am eternal and am here playing a game called “incarnation” for the purposes to experience its textures and colors.

What if it is true that we are all a microcosm of the ALL? As above, so below: and only a thought can keep us from feeling this truth as our essence. Ah! then all bets ARE off.

Everything is in me. It is all ME at a level I can work with: the breath, the heartbeat, the present moment. Sharing with YOU in this way IS the rest of the Iceberg- It is ALL of NATURE with nothing excluded (insert example).

I Love you then becomes what is has always been ~ a way of loving the ALL of me, and maybe this is what is meant by overcoming the world. Fear not, indeed. You have already overcome the world, because you ARE the ONE, and Love without attachments (even detachment – ha!) covers the bases very nicely, indeed.

Ever your foolish scribe, and . . .

So much Love,


Sounding News, Volume 8

June 2, 2021

photo credit Gashif Rheza Pexels dot com

Person Looking at the Northern Lights

Hello, Friends in Sound,

I am running a June special where my Soundings, if you mention this email, are fifty percent discounted.  Soundings are the universe’s way of using my vocal talents and open heart to create real-time composition from the Field.   From
   ” In Physics, a field refers to a physical quantity that is assigned to every point in space or spacetime. A field is seen as spread throughout a large region of space and it influences everything in its vicinity. ” 

Since we are enmeshed within this field – or fields, we have an opportunity to become conscious of this fact now, and then we can feel how we exist and flow as energy, or light (remember, everything is made up of waves, and coherency in the field allows for effortless communication, or resonance).  The increase in awareness that comes from modalities like your Sounding experience, allows for a holding of ourselves in our authenticity.  Every point ~ everything ~ is seen and experienced as light-in-form, You, in the spacetime continuum.  With this holding, flowing awareness, breathing easily, the idea that we are perfect, whole, divine is actuated, fear flees from our perception, and meditative states are felt and allowed.  

One of my mentors, Jonathan Goldman, writes about the role of sound in affecting the Polyvagal nerve, which is a portion of the cranial nerve (10) responsible for parasympathetic functions, such as rest and recovery from stress. He offers:

The ear is also related to the Vagus or tenth cranial nerve.  This nerve affects the larynx, the bronchi, the heart and the gastro-intestinal track and thus our voice, our breathing, our heart rate and our digestion are affected by the ear.  Is it any wonder then that on a purely physiological level listening to the soothing music created by the sacred sounds of vocal harmonics can and will help create states of deep relaxation and meditation?

After you order your Sounding from me through my contact information and once we have created your Sounding meditation and I upload it to a private Youtube address for you, take the time to listen to your song every-other day, or so.  Becoming intimate and familiar with the textures and hues of your reflected resonant expression as a Soul will take the pressure off of the need to perform at anything.  You will simply be you.  Send me your reflections by email, courtesy of Yahoo, here:

For your discount, you may contact me at my email address for scheduling, or text me at 614-634-2572. My Paypal account is available upon your request.

If you would like to read some of my latest blogpost musings, you may do so here: Authoring. There is a missive, a meditation, and a poem.

Blessings in the One as the One,

Kathryn Hart Teixeira

It has been said that gratitude expresses itself in generosity!

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Alligator Near Water Plant On Body Of Water
Renee Ferrer Pexels dot com photo credit

I keep inviting myself to step out of the mass-consensus, experience what life holds for me as me, and then to come back and share what I experience fearlessly. In short, I am authoring my life “out loud”.

Why? I chuckle as I ask myself that question since I do know the answer and it is not even deep down: life is infinitely more fun!

When I say fun, what I mean is (since everyone interprets words and meanings differently) dynamic and flowing. Not just in a “whoo-hoo” sort of way, like a roller-coaster ride, but in a way that is open-hearted and available. This energy signature, within discernment and humility, allows me to give and receive in a way that feels endlessly open: in a word, free.

I know that not everyone will resonate with what I am bringing forth as me. To be honest, it is not comfortable at times, since I am in the habit of questioning everything that I have held, or do hold (believe) as true.

For example, we are schooled from our earliest moments on the correct and acceptable ways to think and behave. A social code that we come to know as the mass-consensus, or mass-consciousness. Are there worthy moral codes to adhere to? Maybe, and yet having the courage to develop character based on individually chosen values is out of the curriculum (ha!).

Courage comes from the French word Coeur, which means Heart. The Heart is the strongest magnetic and electromagnetic organ in the body. In a word, it puts to pale the brain’s weak signals (sorry, not sorry). The earliest definition of character comes from the Greek word charassein which Merriam Webster’s defines as “to sharpen . . .cut . . . “.

Where is all of this going? Consensus means to feel or “sense” together. It also has legal implications when used as a noun. Yet how can individuals feel and sense together? That would denote a common perception – something that is impossible given the fact that everyone is different. As the French say “Vive le difference!” – sometimes humorously interpreted to mean “let’s agree to disagree!”.

Life takes on a different timbre or hue when this attitude is divested of fear. You realize you are your own authority and that nothing and no one can tell, imply or ask you to be anything different than what you are. To do so would undermine their own authority to do what I call “authoring”.

This life is your book! It is an adventure story written by you! What do you want it to be, and by the way, do you know that the divine utensils at your disposal include no way you can make a mistake? There is naught but your creation within and without a body, meatsuit, incarnation, what have you. It is literally and figuratively all you, and all sumptuously and joyously divine (blessed, without emphasis, without opposite (def. by author)), as you allow. (The following words may be used as a meditation, if you wish. Simply take your time and breathe).

Allow. I AM your destiny, says the Heart as the Voice of the Soul.

Feel it.

Let it move through your body and refresh your neurons. (Breathe).

Allow the flow of this realization to fortify your experience as a Sovereign Being –

strengthening the guts and fiber of You. (Notice).

Then you will walk in your authoring, in your writing of your book of life,

and your feet will grow strong in stepping. (Inhale, Exhale).

You will become your own beacon and, furthermore a lighthouse,

and the support that you have always longed for will be evident,

because you no longer resist what you are. (Pause to allow and take several moments to rest in your awareness).

You are Free.

Why be normal, ordinary when you can be, as the French say, Extraordinaire!”

Love always,


Just a normal Alligator!

Why be normal

With the inside looking out?

Why be ordinary

– a regular ol’ girl-scout?

Be prepared?

Be prepared for what?

We all know how this ends,

So to “the chase” I’ll cut:

Be extraordinary,

Prepare for Grace,

And when the field comes knocking,

Those shoes you will lace ~

The field of dreams,

Also known as “Akash”,

Is your knowing the truth,

that every thought can be trashed.

There is only this moment

Within the endlessness of you,

And you can fool your senses,

There’s no “blue is blue”.

So why fight the torrent

Of individual infinity,

And rock the boat

Of satiability?

It’s all you,

Has always been you,

will always be you,

You are the ONE!

And heaven is one earth,

And earth is in heaven,

And we are all ONE,

And you are the ONE. . . so

Blast off, rocket ship,

Fly, shooting star,

Shine in the night sky,

And remind us what we are.

Feel into your heart,

Loosen the hold on your gut,

And mark your path with light,

Dance, hop and strut ~

Heed the support that feeds you,

And keeps you on your toes,

For where you will go,

The Raven crows:

“Pantheon, ha!

You are the Nefertiti incarnate.

A veritable universe,

Nothing disparate ~

A humble abode,

Wouldn’t you say?

A place for all,

And no price (ha!) to pay.

Go child, go,

Be what you are ~

Stardust, plasma,

Virtual reality on par . . .

With the boundless imagination,

Of light-pocketed web-nets,

Feeding you, needing you,

And exacting ignorance

You can’t lose,

And there is nothing to win,

Divine the ocean,

And shake that tail-fin!”

Love you, and “mean – it”,

‘Cause, let’s be real,

I’m you or You’re me,

And if I doubt or deny,

Than I can’t be free

Not because I “aren’t”,

Yet because I deny,

That mile in your shoes,

Is my bigger fish to fry.

So I’ll end these musings,

And set down the quill,

To rest a while,

And be very still.

You will hear from me again,

Sooner rather than later,

And my wit will have grown,

As will have yours, alligator!