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This is how my mind works – or, rather, how I’ve trained my mind to work: I think of a question, something I want to know, and then I expect my answers to come, in time. Sometimes I am conscious of the question and even write it down. At other times, the question is barely formed and at the periphery of my consciousness when answers arrive and bring whole insight to the forefront. A magical ingredient in this endeavor is trust. A sense that I will receive what I’ve asked for. Yesterday I immersed myself in the work of Michael Newton, who writes about his research with trance patients who have been regressed to past lives as well as the Life between lives that we experience with our soul group and guides and various dimensional beings in, well, various dimensional areas, such as for rest, healing, life-review, study, meeting soul mates, consulting a Council of Elders . . .

You get the picture. I was beginning to resonate with all of these dimensions and wanted to feel the joy of reconnecting with all that I AM beyond the veil.

For example, I asked myself what it would be like to see and speak with my guides and soul-group members. I wanted a face to face visit with a Council of Elders. I posed that these queries be actuated in my dream-time and that I would be able to remember and acknowledge that this has been so upon awakening.

You may notice that the photo chosen for this entry is of a colorless office with a grey-haired man smoking a cigar.

Yup. That represents a portion of my revelation. To be blunt, the cigar came first (!).

In waking life, I am not particularly interested in cigars, I practice singing and don’t enjoy breathing in smoke. Occasional incense is welcome, yet in the dream, that cigar looked like a piece of heaven to me. The owner of it turned out to be a grey haired suit who was not particularly thrilled to see us (who is the us? Me and some friends who wanted to see how this was all going to “go down”). This, “oh, you” attitude contrasted deeply with the idea I had from my reading and research of a benevolent and loving council of elders welcoming me into their wise and ethereally loving circle.

A roomy but grey executive office with a taciturn boss who wasn’t interested in a visit. hmmm.

Maybe I didn’t really need the answer to my question to look like I believed I wanted.

The subtle hilarity that undergirded this interaction was born of playing with expectations. What did I expect? I hear myself saying. There was no lack of depth in the experience I designed and crafted to give me a piece of the Life between Lives action. I like adventurous experiences, so hypnotic regression to life between life dimensions sounded fun. Did I need it? Probably not. I got what I truly needed, which is the realization that I don’t need anything. Anytime I want, I can be the big Kahoon smoking the exquisite cigar behind the desk in an executive office. It is not more glamorous than what is happening here, in Earth, and perhaps, besides the perk of exquisite cigars, here is “Where it is AT!” Sovereignty is Key.

Yes, that is the precise message that I heard “HERE is where it is at” – the earth plane. Also, the phrase “close, but no cigar” comes to mind, because I may be off task asking for spiritual assignations. Why? seems to be the underlying question. What is my motivation? To enhance my status? To know more? Why?

Turning to the other request, that of being with my soul group. I was led to an enclosure with many colleagues. All were busy with their current work and didn’t have great interest in my query ~ yet we are all allowed to assist with the integrity of a colleagues current assignment, which we did to great effect. Afterwards, as celebration, a magnificent three dimensional painting was unveiled. It was a mixture of mists with blues, purples and pinks and you could enter it and feel its textures and essences. There were tiny dot focal points of luminosity in black and white, as well. The overall feel was that of an exquisite and ever-changing tapestry with threads that were more like points of light or interest, constantly interweaving and effecting one another. The cloud or mist like texture belied the absolute strength of the “knowing” of this art work. The self-knowledge of it’s absolute being. This comes to me as an artwork that my soul group is weaving as an offering to the whole. Emperor and empresses we are aware we are. Focused, clear, deft, precise and regal in all of our work. Though I did not stay long, the group had a loving yet firm feel of “you don’t need the reassurances you seek. We have your back, as you have ours, always.” Yet there was a great joy at the unveiling of our combined project. Awe and humility mixed in, as well as pride.

The combination of these two visages leaves an imprint of soul satisfaction. My desire for reassurance, contact, and adventure morphed to “expect the unexpected”, “don’t underestimate yourself”
, and “stop asking for help, we all (including you, have more important things to do!”. All of this was communicated with a dry yet playful humor without any judgement whatsoever. Adventure? Check!

Now to bring my health up to speed by having patience during my head cold and belly pains phase. And to find a MD I can comfortably talk to.

That’s it for now.

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