Ushering Forth

Dream time is so rich, so archetypal and such a common denominator. We are all visionaries and prophets with witness to our wholeness. Untapped resources abound. Let’s put those resources on ready-tap and get high on life’s wisdom!

My dreams are not personal, and their messages are universal, so why not use them as a template for writing and reflection here?

I can think of no reason why not.

Doing so is like being coming adept in metallurgy – extracting the gold from the surrounding dross through the fires of insight.

There is no mistake here. Dreamtimes are full of possibilities and probabilities, and they afford the ability to connect the dots in the present “waking” moment in away that is symbolic, it is archetypal, and it has the ability to ground you in a reality that is free from fear. You are the Master here, you are the alchemist. You are free and unafraid, and able to envision.

Perhaps this is meant by being woke. In the modern cultural terms, it is a way of indicating that you have come to an understanding and appreciation of angles and perceptions and movements of history and change in a way that allows you to appreciate where other people are coming from.

Being woke in spiritual terms is coming to terms with the realization you ARE the other person. It seems weighty and fraught, but that is because we think are projections are real, when projections are here as a mechanism for us to realize that we are projecting!

We are all whole fragments of the whole – likened, literally, to holography. David Darling describes holography as such


Holography is a system of recording light or other waves on a photographic plate or other medium in such a way as to allow a three-dimensional reconstruction of the scene giving rise to the waves, in which the observer can actually see around objects by moving his or her head.

It physicalizes LIGHT Waves! The implications is that we are entangled in a quantum level and yet we can pretend that we aren’t to know that we are! (Turn our head and look around!)

Dreams cut to this chase. As the “Royal Road to the unconscious” (attributed to Freud and his student Jung) they represent factions of the whole. The whole becomes fractured so we can study the different light waves. It is akin to an engineer who is motivated to take things apart in order to understand. To deconstruct in order to construct. This strikes me as miraculous.

My dream images last night included my going into schooled environments and witnessing what others are doing to bring forth vibrational awareness and freedom of movement as multidimensional being. The setting was (my) elementary school – a rich place for the landscape of the individual and collective psyche. There was an adept counselor/body worker who was introducing bio photons through the capacity of visual light, allowing the movement of light within plants and crystals to be evident. She was unpacking these lit up stones, and her office was spectacular. It was dimly lit and had a table where the student could lay to be immersed in these frequencies. The fact that they could be visualized leant the credibility of “seeing is believing”. This was magic, alchemy and a real “head start” education on the basic elements of waves as a mutual foundation with particles in constructing reality (observe, surrender and allow, look and see then change focus). The element alive here was “feeling is believing.”

There were other rooms in the school where it was perpetually Halloween in this way: archetypal costumes were available for the children to try on and play with. There were many costumes in many sizes for all the children to get to know different aspects of energy with which to play. There was a sense that many adults were returning to this classroom to educate and be with the energy of the children as they explored. The element present here is “Trying on is knowing”.

There was a place for counselors to gather to allow those who needed to express anger and grief to have a time out of curriculum to experience these states. To be witnessed in the passage of these states without any need to rush through them, deny them, or ask them to “behave” or be anything other then what they are: energy. The element present here is “All is welcome, allowed, important and seen”.

There was a music room which had many offshoots. Here many intermediate students were coming to grips with creating vibration intentionally. This was also a fluid place. Many guardians abounded here to make sure the education was “pure”, and yet they got in the way of a certain spontaneity and healthy chaos – showing that the structures in place needed some redress. Not exactly “a dressing down”, but akin to an “about face” – a need to “face the music” of how there is an element of child like expertise missing here. This may be personal as I grapple with allowing my voice and music to be a complete expression of my spirit. The feeling I get is “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” There are things to be gained from adult training and a child-like mastery. These musings took place within what was a request for sharing my music (in the dream).

Although I have a Master in Music, I am learning to become an amateur again (for the love of it!) since the education process sometimes interfered with the fact that you are actually a healer before a musician!

We are all human before we are anything else: soul’s and spirits before we come to incarnate ~ children before we do “adulting” ~ and if it is true that we do have 12 strands of DNA as opposed to the more generic two-strand that is our apparent genetic endowment (for whatever reason), then we are 12 strands (think guitar) before we are 2!!!

What rich music we are capable of. So many colors to endow with love.

What is love in this case? It is without a case. It is free to roam. “Love thine enemies” is seeing that even those with whom you have a problem need to eat.

“On the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom.” ― Michel de Montaigne

And I will, so to speak, “bottom-out” my post, here ~ *smile*

Infinitely Yours,


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