Children and the Rock of Ages

Man Doing Outdoor Rock Climbing
Brett Sayles photo credit pexels dot com

Why do popular songs extol “The Children are our future” and “let the children lead the way?”

Why is the image of Jesus welcoming the children, saying “Let them come to me” and “unless you become like a little child, you will not enter the Kingdom” ~ in so many words ~ so popular?

Children, childhood, being child-like and so forth – these people, life stages, states of being, upset the status quo. Children are unschooled in the fear-based beliefs we teach them, so they are powerful. They crush our perceptions and defenses and wring us out to dry with their indelible ways.

They are so real with their struggle to come to terms with responsibility, and they play all the games in the book!

Remind you of anyone?

Such strong mirrors, and we miss it entirely because we are trained to be so very focused on survival. And, it is really hard to raise kids when you are steeped in beliefs, because their presence challenges those beliefs foundations. Sometimes kids are irrationally fearful. We can understand that, too. It is age appropriate. Just like our fearful species is going through an age appropriate adolescence while learning how to become sovereign and self-responsible again.

To me, being child-like is being honest to myself about how I feel. Feelings and emotions are clues, and when we shut them off, we have no means with which to inquire. Self-inquiry is the seat of the Soul’s magic. In this realm, we are available to everything we have ever experienced or will experience. We step out of time to take in time’s expanse, and put our self in the proverbial “rock and a hard place”. This is where kids are constantly. They are crushed, as definite personalities, by the present moment. Their staying fluid to their own possibilities makes the rock and “a hard place” seem like a holiday.

Meditation is one way that we return to this mindset.

We voluntarily take away physical movement and sensual movement (sometimes by using the senses and physical movement!). They are no longer haphazard and outgoing/purposeless. They come within the reign and rein of the indwelling spirit of wholeness again, which is play! It is play because it plays with energy, plays with memory, plays with attachment and perception, and plays at playing. This place is so holy, and it is the purview of our children. It is childlike because there is a surrender to feeling that is anchored in presence. What could be more therapeutic?

Optimism and regeneration abound in children. This is why we claim they are resilient. Yet, they are a mirror for our own ability to allow, regenerate, remain fluid and optimize the moment. They need our structure, stability and care, and we need their playfulness, spontaneity and ability to forgive. The wise child is the result. It is an archetype that is available when we remember – bring the members of our self back together – and this is no easy task, at times. But hey, since we are playing with time here, let’s not forget that there are moments of ease or rest, and moments of discomfort because we are learning to dwell in the rock and hard place without fear and without a care in the world!

Crush it, Dear Human!!!!

So much Love,

Kathryn Katie

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