Voice of Presence Interview with Kathryn Hart Teixeira

I: How did you come upon the name “Voice of Presence” for your nomiker?

KHT: Upon hearing one of my compositions – It was a composition commissioned by a friend – a woman I know called my singing “Voice of Presence”. It stuck!

I: What does it mean?

KHT: Well, this woman was responding to her impressions, so I would have to ask her – but to me? Presence is the antidote to fear. I have understood my voice to be a conduit for presence – as all music is – and I’ve dedicated my life to understanding how to feel my own presence and communicate.

I: I appreciate that.

KHT: yeah, thank you!

I: Could you tell us a little about your journey to using your voice in the way that you do, as Presence?

KHT: yeah, well, those moments of fear – the ones that knock you to the ground – those are moments I have had to listen carefully to. The edict of the rock-bottom moments of my life have been “never again”.

I: Could you say more about that?

KHT: Not really. It’s pretty self-explanatory! On the other hand, there seems to be a great sense of adventure to living life that I tapped into when growing up that never fully went away – no matter what it seemed I needed to respond to in life. I don’t think it goes away for anyone – it just gets covered over.

I: Why do you think that is?

KHT: The same reason it gets uncovered! Adventure.

I: What do you mean?

KHT: I tend to take a wide-angle approach to living. Especially since hitting middle-age. There isn’t much I haven’t seen, and reason and intuition tell me that we have many chances to incarnate and play all sorts of roles to our satisfaction. All of which ultimately help us to awaken to our immortal reality – the reality that we are Divine.

I: So you believe we are all Divine?

KHT: Look around you, everyone is evolving constantly, creating realities to experience and discard, and adapting to the self-created changes. What is there but the self? No matter what you feel about the experiment of humanity, it is creative. Creative means of the Creator. We are all learning we are the Creator through our experiencing our creations!

I: Oh. Okay.

KHT: It is not necessary to Believe. There is only one field from which to create all thoughts, feelings, actions and so on. The unifying field is no longer a theory. We are entangled on a quantum level – showing there is no space, you have no time. This is all a game of the mind.

I: How does this relate to your singing and meditations?

KHT: don’t forget I am adding “Heart to Heart” sessions!

I: OH yes, Katie “Hart” Teixeira.

KHT: You got it! Well, I was given the gift of music and sound – so it is naturally an avenue I have pursued. It brings me to peace, calm and joy, and sharing my gifts in the name of those states brings me a lot of joy. And I think Joy is contagious!

I: Yes, it is. Thank you for sharing your gifts. How has the pandemic affected your life as Voice of Presence?

KHT: It has accelerated, for sure. You tube videos have been a lot of fun to create and share, and the folks that order Soundings and Heart to Hearts have expressed appreciation for the chance to bring themselves into healing (releasing tension) and clarity.

I: What does that mean to you?

KHT: Oh, it is a great joy. It feeds creative energy and then it is like priming the pump – the more you create the more energy you feel to create and then you receive exactly what you are supposed to receive – that which is truly for you – and at the precise moment.

I: that does sound Divine.

KHT: It is. We are, because we are direct agents of unencumbered and pure, spirit, nourishing, undiluted energy, and are learning how to allow our Divinity to shine forth again. Loving the mind into its own ability to trust.

I: Where can we find out more?

KHT: I have free videos on you tube, you can subscribe there and to this blog, I offer lots of services, including Soundings, Heart to Hearts, and mini-retreats to order on my webpage.

I: What is your Webpage address?


I: Thank you for being here today and sharing!

KHT: It is an honor!

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