Rich Explorations

The images in my most recent dream time had the main character redirecting the energy. The analogy is a tetra game, where blocks of varying sizes and shapes are manipulated to build the most condensed version of a building. If you place the blocks haphazardly and leave much space in between, the building towers and then folds and you do not move on to the next level.

Usually, there are many options for where the blocks can fit, and you are looking for the fit that fills the spaces available while creating future move possibilities.

We are doing this all the time in our lives – building stable structures with our energy in which we can support ourselves. It is much like being an architect and visionary as well as being able to see opportunities that have been overlooked before, and it involves overseeing the thread-line that all is divine, and there is opportunity for mastery but no fear of mistakes – unless you consider that destructive energy simply means creating space to go again.

The energy it takes to look fluidly at relationships in the social emotional realm is often the purview of dreamtime. Allowing our dreams to filter thru’ and come to our conscious awareness may allow for a more complete fitting of our energies within ourselves, creating stable structures which we can extend, then, through understanding.

The stability is the knowledge that everything is in a space of possibility. The quantum field states that everything is made up of waves until it is observed or measured, upon which moment it becomes a particle. Releasing the need to know why things or people act as they do allows for this flow state – possible outcomes can be allowed through the discretion of focused thought (coherent light) until something more or less “clicks” as the best of many options, in so many words.

“That could be interesting”, is the verbiage that may attend this realization. It may show you space, time, ideas, creativity, assurance and guidance where before there was none. Holding a space of possibility in life is akin to letting a complete picture come forward, without knowing the details, yet feeling them. The intention to know the I AM spirit as an olive branch, in other words, trusting the very highest in possible outcomes for all involved without attachment whatsoever to what that may or may not look like allows for the well-spring of intuition and inspiration to lead the way. It feels good, and there is no contradiction in that because beliefs no longer have a role in this way of being. There is no way that “things should be”, and thinking so is the fodder for the kind of laughter that is born of great compassion and truth. You know yourself as creator of your experience, because nothing actually exists until you say so!

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