Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com

Job make his choice:

He chooses life,

And frees the lucky Devil,

to create with or without strife,

The Devil is us,

And so is The Lord,

We need both faces,

In our double edged sword.

What is your Job,

And do you know that you can choose?

To curse or to bless

This Life-song of blues?

Moving on is our Job,

For “Life, it goes on”,

And blessing all that comes,

Doesn’t get more profound.

Blessing what was,

Brings us up to speed,

In a word it makes us,

Like the mightiest Steed,

For we sprout wings,

When we see,

Pain and pleasure as lights,

To guide our flight,

Our pain is the rain,

That moistens the clay,

And melts the earth’s rocks,

For our seeds to play.

What shall we plant,

In our well-tilled soil?

Or is there tilling yet,

And are there leaves to boil?

Let’s drink our cup

And retrace our steps,

And flying by night by the moon,

Bless our intrepid tete-a-tetes,

Choose and choose,

Choose and choose again, eh?

Bring the strength of the Heart,

To feel the divine love aplenty.

Feel it, oh feel it,

And be strong within You,

Train your mind to be free,

And again you will be

The Hu-man you ARE,

The God-man/woman you feel,

In the depth of the guts,

Where you know You are real,

The time is now,

The time is YOU,

The good, bad and ugly

Are to be seen thru’,

As Experience, as what has been,

As what is for you to chew ~

Recall your bones, your blood and DNA,

As the opening stew . . .

For you to stew in,

And meditate upon,

To trace your origin,

And place a golden crown,

Upon all that is your anointing,

Every fear, you can accept,

And after your allowing,

To the edge you will have crept,

YES! Your personal edge,

Is now your purview,

And you can take yourself, live yourself,

Within that sacred view,

Of all that is possible,

Of all you can try,

And of all that desires you,

To help it to fly,

Ideas, insight, dreams,

And freedom’s pleas,

Are what you can grant yourself ~

You who are your own “bees knees!”

Yellow Petaled Flower With Black Yellow Bee during Daytime Focus Photography

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