Gifts of Incarnation

The gifts that were entrusted to me, by me, this incarnation feel overwhelmingly obvious now.

The beauty of seeing my life as a gift is that it feels so real. It cuts to the chase – to the Heart – and then touches everything and every body where “they” are at.

What are these gifts?

It seems pithy, but many gifts are, on first glance, difficulties.

The gift of mental illness.

This is not an easy thing to talk about. I don’t enjoy that I take medication. Yet it is a reality that I share with millions of folks, and it is something that has provided me with so much insight.

Undoing depression and anxiety has allowed me to do what seems impossible: feel safe and happy!

I had to learn how to work with perception at the level of belief. It is an awesome task and one that I am blessed to encounter.

What beliefs? That I could ever be a victim.

Why not?

Because choice has always been at play in my life. I have engaged life exactly as I intended at every level of consciousness. I intended my parents and family group. They auditioned and got the parts!

I intended my personality with its proclivities and tendencies.

I intended my injuries and problems as well as healing and strengths ~

I intended my failures and embarrassments as well as all that I celebrate as ME ~

So many gifts!

They have taken me to the edge of the known world and afforded me the courage, or heart, to look into the realm of possibilities. This realm of possibilities has never led me astray. It has always given me practical, down to earth advice on what could be intended and chosen next.

How else would I have come into contact with this realm, for it exists as our spiritual reality outside of time?

Many people have out of body experiences or near death experiences and those inform them in unique ways. Being in touch with the world of imagination and dreams is another way to experience this.

The difficulties of life can force one to depend on themselves for answers in ways that leave a clear pattern of self-trust.

Trusting yourself can be hard won, since it may put you at odds with a dominant narrative, and often does.

This is where intuition and love come in. Loving the reality that many people have chosen for themselves is not the same thing as sharing it. You can share your love without expectation for your reality to be understood in return. This is magic and alchemy, and it up lifts everyone. Not needing anyone to change, including yourself, is deeply restoritive.

The intention of love of this sort calls forth the essence of things, and when Your Essence is allowed, all bets are off.

Maintaining this focus on allowing this self-love to usher forth always – in the all-inclusive way of there being nothing wrong – is the gift of the deep pain of fearful perception.

I keep thinking about Jesus, the master who took on the Christos – the knowing that he is anointed – God in the flesh.

Christos is Greek for anointing. It is often associated with Jesus as the Messiah, or Savior, and has a connotation of expectation.

Tricky stuff.

We have been taught that the originating Source is separate from us. That we cannot be direct agents of this reality.


Ever try to herd cats?

People who are sovereign or self-illuminated and aware that it is a basic condition of life to realize – that there is no separation and no thing coming between the Source and the Katie or the John or the Frank – may slow down to revel in this condition. They, We, Me, You, may realize that it is not so important – getting one’s way, or seeing life through the narrative. You may find yourself enjoying just being – or doing things that make you feel alive in a way that is self-nourishing.

Slowing down, reveling, happiness for the state of being for no reason, are the gifts of allowing this Essence, this Source, to shine as the basic building block of all life. It is the absolute common denominator and because it is infinite, eternal illumination, we get to reflect back the awareness of this.

We get to tell Source “good job!” and “well-done, my good and faithful servant!” – Telling that which is in allowance of the I AM creator “well-done!” and “good-work” is a way of loving everyone where they are without saying a word.

It makes you connected and free and able to soar on the wings of eagles – to fly without lifting a finger.

What a rich endowment!

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