Reflections continue

There is something that wants to come thru’ today that I can’t put my finger on, because it is being explored in “real-time”.

I AM aware that there is some blockages within the area of the throat. Tensions from holding the speaking of my truth back. Or from swallowing incomplete truths. Ironically, there has been a need to be aware of certain tensions before others can be explored – before what is suppressed can become expressed – or freed.

Those tensions that enable this exploration are an acute awareness that I, as a creature of flesh, am finite. WE, as soul/spirit entities, are eternal. Further, there is really no difference between the two, because they are both light. One form, upon death, releases its various tensions and melts back into more elemental particles, or light. Our light as the vibration of soul fabric is eternally connected within a web of creation wherein we move much more fluidly through intent. There are many avenues of intent, also known as dimensions, where our spiritual identity, which is formless and without time at all, facilitates our movement by simply Being- without any agenda or intent. This area, I will call it “The Priors” (like the range of rocks in Boulder, named “The Dales”), is the finest reality that allows for all of the aforementioned activity. The Priors is our reality before manifestation, and needs not word, since it has no specific focus. The east calls it “Satchitananda” or “Truth, Consciousness and Bliss (Sat=Truth, Chit=consciousness, Ananda=Bliss) and in the west, it is known as the I AM spirit – holy spirit – whole spirit.

Why would spirit manifest itself? We would we as ONE spirit, manifest ourselves?

Have you ever played the game hide and seek when you were young? How much fun, to hide, knowing you cannot get lost, and then search for those who are not in your physical sight! The anticipation itself, of being found or of finding, made the whole game so sweet. We lit ourselves up in the playing of this game.

Manifesting is about lighting ourselves up in play! It is, in a word, FUN (from a certain perspective).

To perceive anything else is held in allowance by the avenue of the Soul, which, as extensions of the light that we are as I AM, is truly the adventurous ONE.

I go back to my throat chakra (or energy wheel). What for the stuck energy? The insight comes to me that it is because of all the lies I have swallowed in my growing up in the belief that I am separate.

Now at the level of form, which we are playing with as Souls who are manifesting Spirit (ALL ONE), we are commissioned – we commission ourselves – to enrich our spirit by experiencing the opposite (hiding and seeking – or manifesting – instead of being). The rub is when we become out of balance with these energies (such as in the physicality of dimensions like the Earth plane)

Heart to Heart? The untruths as a physicality that I swallowed were intentional within the allowance of my Soul fabric, which knows it is pure spirit. Using words here, of course, here in this apparently physicality, ME, Kathryn Hart Teixeira, are a totally unique combination of intentions from pure physical, or “worldly” perspectives, Soul fabric allowance and witnessing perspectives and undifferentiated Spirit (absolute allowance).

What a lot to enfold! What a game of hide and seek!

That is our multidimensionality. Incomplete truths, when swallowed, may eventually produce suffering.

The physical truths we are fed ~ that we are this body and that the body is somehow “impure” (read “sinful” or “incomplete” if religious and “competitive” and “cut-throat” if scientific) because of all of its inherent processes ~ if we truly knew that the body is a manifestation of spirit, and had correlations, metaphorically speaking, to the world of spirit, it could make us appreciate and slow down quite a bit more to revel and reflect on just how very much this physicality contains, experientially, for our undifferentiated nature.

Our Soul is our savior here ~ since it bears the record of our comings and goings in and out of the dimensions of manifestation. It holds our individual and collective experiences (think of the Akashic Records) so that we can have a touch stone between the world of spirit and that of form. We have an anchor ~ because we are watching and recording as we play in the fields of forgetfullness, or unconsciuosness.

Our kids our lit up in this way. Their non-judgment and ferocity of spirit as well as the way they embody the dream-state in their thinking and talking (kin to the soul) all adds up to precociousness – maturity in an immature form!

To be precocious is to act exceptionally mature at an early age.

The gifts of creation are a veritable feast in the weavings of the multiverse. Bringing a child into this dimension, speaking personally, is full of love and an ambivalence not many like to speak about. A piece of flesh that has grown in our body, has been unencumbered with survival needs and a veritable beacon of the light of the unmanifest in form.

The energy we spend in survival is a focus on a very specific dimension of apparent physicality. When our survival needs are met, we can play (and rest and dream)!

When we play, we are powerful. We recreate ourselves from the field of possibilities – no matter the pastime or hobby – time feels different when we play. Children do it naturally when their needs are met.

Adults do it naturally when their needs our met.

Yet, we have to unschool ourselves from the untruths that keep us married to survival as a means of living. Do we need to get back to the Garden of E.din (spelling from the translation of clay Sumerian tablets by scholars such as Zecharia Sitchen)?

Arguably yes and no.

The Garden of Eden is where we took upon ourselves the responsibility of procreation. We became like gods – able to reproduce in our image and able to look upon cause and effect in a very intimate way – through our own responsibility to what we have created.

The Garden of E.Din is also where we forged a relationship with our progenitors and all of those that came before. We became, in some ways, capable of – in our physical forms – acquiring a Soul, wherein we could become aware of our intentions as spirit. We became endowed with the ultimate gift of self-awareness. We ARE the I AM. The Godhead.

Once the gods of old (see the bible and the Sumerian tablets of ancient civilization and the echoes of those stories in mythology, oral history, fairy tales and in the activity or archetypes and patterns in our daily living as individuals in family units) saw in us a mirror of themselves, with the same capacities, we could no longer be controlled. Our species even became sexually attractive to said gods, and the DNA became even more tightly mingled than in our seeding and hybridization as chromosomal entities.

Once we can no longer be controlled, we are expelled.

It is an inherent biological process in some ways: when a finger cannot absorb a splinter, it begins to expel it. When a bird is about to fledge, it needs to begin searching for its own food – to become self-sufficient – expel itself or be expelled from the nest.

It has its counterpoint in family units, religions and schools, in our governments and in the social contract with our peers and/or culture.

All manners of dominion are proposed by those who would retain control. It can be broadly described as propoganda and wee children are somewhat immune. So they live in the trinity of their whole nature: spirit, soul, body.

Our propaganda tells us that these three identities are distinct properties under the jurisdiction of some “other” in the form of ideas or rumors et. al. propagated by parents and family, culture and religion, schools and government ~ our wild nature is tamed to fit as a cog into the machine.

Until the Machine takes on its own identity and sense of importance – which is our ego. It can find its equivalent in the corporation without checks and balances that utilizes resources without recourse.

Our Ego, or sense of separation from our triune nature, makes up a whole from its belief in fractured parts. It takes physical experience, as allowed by the Spirit and Soul, and compares it with other physical experiencers and draws conclusions (judgements). It forgets that it is made up of spirit and soul, and that it is a wave of the ocean. Ego is in a state of forgetfulness when immature and when it matures again, it becomes identified with the ocean while maintaining the wave (body). Both the ego and the unmanifest are needed to come to self-realization as a wave in the ocean – both being the same without differentiation of any way. That is why Ego is to be loved and not feared. It is made of the ocean, of the Source!

It is a natural and necessary part of our journey as Souls, yet it is treacherous, speaking in time, because it is not schooled in the checks and balances of the perspectives of Soul and Spirit – which know that we are just playing a game, or having a dream here.

It betrays in order to understand. Which is not sinful in the long-run, but in the short run it is what it is. It is the learning that Life is a multidimensional personality. Otherwise life here becomes so very narrow. And then we become cogs in the machine of agendas that place us at the merci of other slumbering folks who are playing games we may have not interest in.

That is the blessing and difficulty of coming awake. Putting all of the relative truths in a larger context so the ego can mature and we can live a harmonious life of multidimensionality. Like the little kids!

The rub, is you have to STEAL these perspectives back.

My throat chakra knows that stealing back my sovereignty is tricky because only “I” give it away. It is an act of self-forgiveness and of rejection of any other “I” as an authority – though they remain so for themselves.

The responsibility of opening up my throat chakra is that I will feel the impulse to communicate, to speak my truth, to unearth the lies, and if I don’t do it, I will wither. The choice is no longer an individual one, because in opening up, you realize you are not an individual in the way you have thought. You are Sovereign, and extending this knowledge to the All is what allows you to feel the divinity that you ARE.

As I become the divine fool again, I invite you to join me in these musings as a friend to a friend. I thank you for the honor of writing on behalf of these processes and I share the revelations as the highest form of friendship I have to offer – to wish for You for absolute Sovereignty and Freedom – and to witness and grow.


Kathryn “Heart to Heart” Hart Teixeira

Red Apple Fruit in Close Up Photography

Mark Stebnicki photo credit pixels dot com

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