Getting Sorted

In watching Netflix’s Manifest today, Season three, episode 11-13, it is coming into focus for me that humanity is sorting itself out on a massive scale.

We live on a solar planet. We depend upon the sun for our survival as physical beings. According to researchers of the clay Sumerian Tablets, including Zecharia Sitchen, there is an orbiting planet called Nibiru that comes into purview every 3,600 years. Nibiru as well as Jupiter are self-radiating planets. They do not depend upon the Sun for a heat source.

Where is this going?

I am not sure. I am just following the breadcrumbs and sorting myself, and since “as above, so below”, I am clear that in doing so the earth’s place in the cosmos will become a felt phenomenon.

Like the characters and plot of the Manifest, a group of passengers on a plane that disappears for five years and then comes back enhanced and able to experience “callings”, I sense that we are all coming to terms with our inner Noah. Let me explain.

We are all hybrids. Our specie experienced leaps in evolution (like million-year leaps) after about 11-13,000 B.C. Zecharia Sitchen’s work as an interpreter of Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets elucidates the fact that we were upgraded by the – the gods of the Annunaki (those who from heaven to earth came) from Nibiru. Those hybrids became the Nephilim. Of course, in a symbolic sense, since we are all self – or source material manifesting and exist prior to creation of any sort, it was WE who genetically altered a specie of our self that was hominid, but not civilized. In the course of Sitchen’s and other academics analysis, the Greek mythologies, the earliest writings – like Gilgamesh – of the events that affected earth like the deluge, (found in all cultures mythologies) all memory stored in fragments of these historically accurate events. Of course as they have been passed down thru’ time, their meanings have been altered, which points to the need we have had for the work of translating the original Sumerian and holding the historical remnants up to the original accounts.

Personal reflection: at the age of 14 going on 15 I had a religious “conversion” experience wherein I asked the “Lord” Jesus into my heart. This was at a Presbyterian summer camp that our church’s youth went to every year. The age of Initiation is marked in cultures the world over, and the church definitely took a bit out of that apple!

So, I consciously accepted Jesus into my Heart as my Lord and Savior, and, I have to admit, I felt an opening. IT may be that the age of initiation coincides with puberty, hormones, the ability to re-create the specie and the ability to think abstractly and in metaphor. I clearly remember being introduced, as a cautionary stunt – in my freshman english class – the Shakespeare Tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” and the Holocaust book by Eric Weisel called “Night”. It the elders saying: “welcome to adulthood, please don’t fuck it up.”

What they didn’t hand us, interestingly, was the Bible. Because of the separation between church and state that was enacted, wherein religion was no longer the property of government to dispense, the schools have attempted to keep faith out of the curriculum. Of course, it is interesting to note that the cosmogony of the Old Testament, while it does require faith in the gods, the Annunaki, the New Testament, even in its abbreviated and diluted or mishandled translations – even in its additions and subtractions – has obvious underpinnings of an experiential relationship with a Love that fulfills and transcends the laws old. The Golden rule, for example, ushers from the writings. Who cannot get behind that edict, to treat others as they wish to be treated, to, in other words “Love thy Neighbor?” – at least in theory?

The bible was in my hands though, and after my conversion experience I was eager to spend time reading up. That this was unusual reading for a young teen was not entirely lost on me, yet what drew me into starting at the beginning of Genesis, I am convinced, is the same reason Bibles are placed in hotel rooms the country over: It is a primer filled with energies of ancient cosmological truths that are found in the blood of our DNA. I was initiating myself, the best way I knew how, not be reading to understand the bible, but by reading to feel the effects on my body. I could feel the reading exciting my cells and my blood. It felt good. We Presbyterians/Christians, what have you, called it “Being on fire for the Lord”. I can feel that “Fire” even now, as I write. It is an inner radiance, much like a planet that is lit from within. Much like how the folks who were from a planet with inner radiation may feel – without need of a Sun.

Yet, the yin-yang of life is what we know as the emergence of the awareness of balance. How is it that we can both radiate from within and receive radiance from the Sun? Is it to be doubly able to regulate the processes of the cells, the secrets of regeneration? Is it the Holy Grail or the Fountain of Youth?

Apparently our Pineal gland dries up after around 20 years old. Before that time we are able to access the insight of the balanced view of our life – the third eye – right smack in the middle of a right-left polarity.

What happens at 20years, approximately? Was this coded into our genome i n order for our species to have a shorter life-span? What would be the availability inherent within that decision?

I argue, in this moment, that it hailed the entrance into our history of the sages. The Nephilim are the result of the mating of the ancient gods of Sumer, who in the Book of Genesis found the earthling females compatible and lovely. The hybrids had longer lives. Yet Earth, as we can deduce, has become a school of sorts. learning to master the yin-yan concepts and to reawaken our immortal nature, as found in the availability of our bodies subtle mechanics.

This is what the Master Buddha and Jesus did. They found a way to utilize their spiritual reality not to circumvent death, which comes to all creation, but to align with the subtle life force of spiritual identy.

And lest we place this reality in the clouds surrounded by unicorns and fairies, let us remind ourselves just how destructive the process could be: Buddha rejected the utopia he was born into. He wanted to find the middle way. Jesus rejected the imbalances that were the common practice and perception of the people who watched and followed him – he showed, through perception, life as balancing of forces that are played out in each individual. He and his “father” are one – yet not the Anu, no – not the God of Nibiru, the 12th planet – but that which is our ancestry in a completely different sense: as that which exists “before the word”. Before manifestation itself – Source by any other name.

Is it a lot to swallow? Maybe.

The breath of spirit that we breathed into our specie is the key. Connected to our breath and breathing, the rising and falling of the ocean of life-giving chemical compounds, allows the body to live. We are totally dependent, as physical specie, on this in breath and out breath, as well as the pumping of blood through the veins and arteries.

We are literally breathing ourselves into manifestation, moment to moment, from a nothingness.

That we take this for granted is the true hoax of a cultured and civilized people. It makes a deluded bunch of us all – yet, in some ways, this blog would not be possible without this “holy” delusion! For how else do we appreciate – make valuable to us – the most essential of resources of our very breathing (metaphor and literal) spirit? By the very fact that we, as Source, take it for granted! So, the inbreath and the outbreath grounds us ~ in what?

More to come ~

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