Review: Zecharia Sitchen’s Earth Chronicles

Book One is the first book in a five book series and the one I am currently reading. For a cliff notes version of this work, see The Lost Book of Enki.

This book is a tome of academic, historical, linguistic and reasoning power from the mind of the foremost Sumerian scholar of our time, the late Zecharia Sitchen.

He reads Sumerian tablets and translates the texts with an eye towards aligning with all of the efforts scholars have made up to date to understand, from a human point of view, our origins as a specie. This is the rub: we have been given the viewpoint of religion and science, which Sitchen establishes are actually on the same team when it comes to looking at the facts laid out in the earliest of our writings: the Sumerian tablet.

He holds the texts of the bible and those of the ancient writings up to the light of scientific and academic scrutiny to allow for the chips to fall where they may, and they often, actually, align.

What of it?

There are texts that bestow a history of our solar system as understood by a race of people from a planet that circles the Sun every 3,600 years: Nibiru. The people of the planet, the Annunaki, have an over 450,000 head start on the evolution of intelligent force thru a hominid species and in understanding the origins of the solar system and all of the accoutrements of an advanced civilization. Language, science, math, metallurgy, clay-making and tools, shelter and cities, laws and mores, space travel, time measurement, creating cultures and the supports of that culture in every way imaginable are available to this planet of people, and moreover, they have the sort of life-span that puts our human lives on the map for brevity! one “Shar” or year in Annunaki language (from heaven to earth have come is the meaning of that name) is 3,600 earth years!

Their lives are enhanced by their contact with earth and all it has to offer as a planet full of metals and minerals, a home for some of its citizens (known from antiquity as “gods”) and, eventually, their progeny, us, who were initially created to work in the mines so as to give the gods a break from hard labor.

The decision to give us, who began as hybrids and therefore unable to procreate, the ability to create our own offspring, of which we would parent and respond to, is such a complex one that it is hidden in allegory in the Genesis book of the Bible – a book that is usually quite straight forward and factual when held up to the Sumerian accounts.

The creator lords, the Elohim as they called themselves, had higher authorities to answer to. Could it be the serpent? The allegory being that which is our natural endowment as homo sapien sapien – to know that we know – that it is now a part of our dna and will have its workings within us as intelligent Source self-actualizing (symbolized in the east as the Kundalini rising( – that gave us the truck with which to move from created beings to creator beings in our own right?

More reflections and even more questions to come!

The Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God

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