More Zecharia Sitchen reflections

So, it turns out the gods discussed us on a number of occasions. Thoughtful, eh? wink!

Should we be endowed with long life like the Annunaki folks who were known as gods? Should we be allowed to procreate? Should there be limits on how much the gods can mate with humans? This last point was a real stickler when it came time to decide whether to warm the humans about the upcoming inevitable flood. It is a real sticking point, because we had become attached to eachother: the human’s and the pantheon or what have you.

Reportedly, the bloodline of those mating with humans – the gods that chose to mate with humans – was diluted (made “impure”) which was affecting life-spans and creating more and more humans with less and less godly attributes. What were those attributes again? Immortality (!). That is such a rub since we are always looking to extend our lives and make them longer, more robust, et. al.

Mortality is just such a bummer.

Yet it turns out that even though we were allowed to go thru’ the diluge – the flood – our liason, Noah, had an in with Enki, on of the gods, and so our seed was saved after all – to the relief of all! So, even though the gods may have had to admit that they “messed up” and were so sad to have witnessed the diluge and vowed to never allow that to happen again, they also had to realize that they were too attached and retreat somewhat. Further, upon reflection, it seems that whatever created them and allowed their race to take root and flourish was also within the human creature they had guided to a more advanced ability to create – just as the Annunaki gods had done. Parting ways is such sweet sorry, though. We are forever talking about the gods of the bible and every other religion because we used to walk along with them. For better and for worse they are our progenitors.

Which leads inevitably to the reflection that all have wrought from the epics of history that have written themselves in our blood: where did we come from?

These answers were left to the sages, not the gods who dealt in colonizing earth. Yet, those gods were realizing that there was so much more to life than meets the eye – yes, we were and are all evolving together. We are all realizing that what comes prior – prior to what? Prior to the awareness of ourselves. We exist in that which comes before even awareness.

It is time for the sages to take center stage again and lead us all in remembering that we are the bright waters of Source informing ourselves. We are made of light and for light. What does that mean? That the game of separation is over – it never was – and that it is a hoax that we play on ourselves for the purpose of – of – and here, words fail me utterly. For there is no purpose!

The snake from the proverbial Edan is the symbol for regeneration. We regenerate ourselves as light and in light, and there are no questions, no apologies, no purposes or meanings inherent. It is utterly fantastic and utterly magical in its absolute unfettered – – what? Again, I am lost to words! Yet the Annunaki fate has been mixed with ours, and our evolution aids them, I am sure, even as they are so far ahead in so many ways. Yet and still, the fact that life itself has come under review – means the search for the Holy Grail is still on, somewhat.

To know we are immortal. To know that we can live a life fully alive. Awake as the Buddha would say. Free from convention as the sages would demonstrate.

Immortal what? Each has to come to terms with that question themselves. So many point the way. Yet, where words fail, experience sheds light: eons of time cannot extinguish the spring of eternal hope. It is so deep and so taken for granted that is no longer has bearing on the mind. It is lost to the mind. It is pure feeling. It is purity of being. It is, it is, it is . . .

More to come!

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