How to protect nature? Short answer: love IT!

photo of earth from the moon

Blue and White Planet Display
Pixabay photo credit

I’ve given myself a commission to protect nature. I accepted. What does that mean?

We are not separate from our surroundings. The pastoral images are the most easy to connect with, aren’t they? The beautiful birds, the clouds and trees, earth, and the ability of fire to help us cook food . . .

Yet even the atomic energies are nature. That noisy plane that passes by your house, upsetting the quiet is as much nature as the flower blooming by your window sill. It’s parts are made up of elements and substances directly and indirectly found here: on earth.

One clue to answering this question is: what do I magnify?

The forces that are destructive leave room for creation. The disruptive noise points to the quietness that often surrounds us and the dark cycles back again into the light with the rising of the sun. Even though the earth is not flat, for many people, the rising of the sun is symbolic. We just didn’t know that the earth had direct participation in that rising, for if it did not turn on its access, things would be very different.

This leads my mind to the waters of truth that nourish my soul’s longing for access to permanent, peaceful states: Everything is always changing! And the blessings that are “new every morning” are without end! We always have our breath – and this breath leads to another and another. Endless opportunities for nourishment and connection. The Heartbeat is our birthright. It comes as the first access we have as a physical being to this plane – before the brain develops and thought ensues.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much available to us when we magnify the comforts within the reality of the impermanence of life. Not the mind based comforts only – though having a certain amount of health to enjoy life and enough money to care for yourself are nothing to sneeze at – there is a certain comfort, at least to me, in knowing that my body is here for a short while. That I am eternal and am here playing a game called “incarnation” for the purposes to experience its textures and colors.

What if it is true that we are all a microcosm of the ALL? As above, so below: and only a thought can keep us from feeling this truth as our essence. Ah! then all bets ARE off.

Everything is in me. It is all ME at a level I can work with: the breath, the heartbeat, the present moment. Sharing with YOU in this way IS the rest of the Iceberg- It is ALL of NATURE with nothing excluded (insert example).

I Love you then becomes what is has always been ~ a way of loving the ALL of me, and maybe this is what is meant by overcoming the world. Fear not, indeed. You have already overcome the world, because you ARE the ONE, and Love without attachments (even detachment – ha!) covers the bases very nicely, indeed.

Ever your foolish scribe, and . . .

So much Love,


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