Sounding News, Volume 8

June 2, 2021

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Person Looking at the Northern Lights

Hello, Friends in Sound,

I am running a June special where my Soundings, if you mention this email, are fifty percent discounted.  Soundings are the universe’s way of using my vocal talents and open heart to create real-time composition from the Field.   From
   ” In Physics, a field refers to a physical quantity that is assigned to every point in space or spacetime. A field is seen as spread throughout a large region of space and it influences everything in its vicinity. ” 

Since we are enmeshed within this field – or fields, we have an opportunity to become conscious of this fact now, and then we can feel how we exist and flow as energy, or light (remember, everything is made up of waves, and coherency in the field allows for effortless communication, or resonance).  The increase in awareness that comes from modalities like your Sounding experience, allows for a holding of ourselves in our authenticity.  Every point ~ everything ~ is seen and experienced as light-in-form, You, in the spacetime continuum.  With this holding, flowing awareness, breathing easily, the idea that we are perfect, whole, divine is actuated, fear flees from our perception, and meditative states are felt and allowed.  

One of my mentors, Jonathan Goldman, writes about the role of sound in affecting the Polyvagal nerve, which is a portion of the cranial nerve (10) responsible for parasympathetic functions, such as rest and recovery from stress. He offers:

The ear is also related to the Vagus or tenth cranial nerve.  This nerve affects the larynx, the bronchi, the heart and the gastro-intestinal track and thus our voice, our breathing, our heart rate and our digestion are affected by the ear.  Is it any wonder then that on a purely physiological level listening to the soothing music created by the sacred sounds of vocal harmonics can and will help create states of deep relaxation and meditation?

After you order your Sounding from me through my contact information and once we have created your Sounding meditation and I upload it to a private Youtube address for you, take the time to listen to your song every-other day, or so.  Becoming intimate and familiar with the textures and hues of your reflected resonant expression as a Soul will take the pressure off of the need to perform at anything.  You will simply be you.  Send me your reflections by email, courtesy of Yahoo, here:

For your discount, you may contact me at my email address for scheduling, or text me at 614-634-2572. My Paypal account is available upon your request.

If you would like to read some of my latest blogpost musings, you may do so here: Authoring. There is a missive, a meditation, and a poem.

Blessings in the One as the One,

Kathryn Hart Teixeira

It has been said that gratitude expresses itself in generosity!

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