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I keep inviting myself to step out of the mass-consensus, experience what life holds for me as me, and then to come back and share what I experience fearlessly. In short, I am authoring my life “out loud”.

Why? I chuckle as I ask myself that question since I do know the answer and it is not even deep down: life is infinitely more fun!

When I say fun, what I mean is (since everyone interprets words and meanings differently) dynamic and flowing. Not just in a “whoo-hoo” sort of way, like a roller-coaster ride, but in a way that is open-hearted and available. This energy signature, within discernment and humility, allows me to give and receive in a way that feels endlessly open: in a word, free.

I know that not everyone will resonate with what I am bringing forth as me. To be honest, it is not comfortable at times, since I am in the habit of questioning everything that I have held, or do hold (believe) as true.

For example, we are schooled from our earliest moments on the correct and acceptable ways to think and behave. A social code that we come to know as the mass-consensus, or mass-consciousness. Are there worthy moral codes to adhere to? Maybe, and yet having the courage to develop character based on individually chosen values is out of the curriculum (ha!).

Courage comes from the French word Coeur, which means Heart. The Heart is the strongest magnetic and electromagnetic organ in the body. In a word, it puts to pale the brain’s weak signals (sorry, not sorry). The earliest definition of character comes from the Greek word charassein which Merriam Webster’s defines as “to sharpen . . .cut . . . “.

Where is all of this going? Consensus means to feel or “sense” together. It also has legal implications when used as a noun. Yet how can individuals feel and sense together? That would denote a common perception – something that is impossible given the fact that everyone is different. As the French say “Vive le difference!” – sometimes humorously interpreted to mean “let’s agree to disagree!”.

Life takes on a different timbre or hue when this attitude is divested of fear. You realize you are your own authority and that nothing and no one can tell, imply or ask you to be anything different than what you are. To do so would undermine their own authority to do what I call “authoring”.

This life is your book! It is an adventure story written by you! What do you want it to be, and by the way, do you know that the divine utensils at your disposal include no way you can make a mistake? There is naught but your creation within and without a body, meatsuit, incarnation, what have you. It is literally and figuratively all you, and all sumptuously and joyously divine (blessed, without emphasis, without opposite (def. by author)), as you allow. (The following words may be used as a meditation, if you wish. Simply take your time and breathe).

Allow. I AM your destiny, says the Heart as the Voice of the Soul.

Feel it.

Let it move through your body and refresh your neurons. (Breathe).

Allow the flow of this realization to fortify your experience as a Sovereign Being –

strengthening the guts and fiber of You. (Notice).

Then you will walk in your authoring, in your writing of your book of life,

and your feet will grow strong in stepping. (Inhale, Exhale).

You will become your own beacon and, furthermore a lighthouse,

and the support that you have always longed for will be evident,

because you no longer resist what you are. (Pause to allow and take several moments to rest in your awareness).

You are Free.

Why be normal, ordinary when you can be, as the French say, Extraordinaire!”

Love always,


Just a normal Alligator!

Why be normal

With the inside looking out?

Why be ordinary

– a regular ol’ girl-scout?

Be prepared?

Be prepared for what?

We all know how this ends,

So to “the chase” I’ll cut:

Be extraordinary,

Prepare for Grace,

And when the field comes knocking,

Those shoes you will lace ~

The field of dreams,

Also known as “Akash”,

Is your knowing the truth,

that every thought can be trashed.

There is only this moment

Within the endlessness of you,

And you can fool your senses,

There’s no “blue is blue”.

So why fight the torrent

Of individual infinity,

And rock the boat

Of satiability?

It’s all you,

Has always been you,

will always be you,

You are the ONE!

And heaven is one earth,

And earth is in heaven,

And we are all ONE,

And you are the ONE. . . so

Blast off, rocket ship,

Fly, shooting star,

Shine in the night sky,

And remind us what we are.

Feel into your heart,

Loosen the hold on your gut,

And mark your path with light,

Dance, hop and strut ~

Heed the support that feeds you,

And keeps you on your toes,

For where you will go,

The Raven crows:

“Pantheon, ha!

You are the Nefertiti incarnate.

A veritable universe,

Nothing disparate ~

A humble abode,

Wouldn’t you say?

A place for all,

And no price (ha!) to pay.

Go child, go,

Be what you are ~

Stardust, plasma,

Virtual reality on par . . .

With the boundless imagination,

Of light-pocketed web-nets,

Feeding you, needing you,

And exacting ignorance

You can’t lose,

And there is nothing to win,

Divine the ocean,

And shake that tail-fin!”

Love you, and “mean – it”,

‘Cause, let’s be real,

I’m you or You’re me,

And if I doubt or deny,

Than I can’t be free

Not because I “aren’t”,

Yet because I deny,

That mile in your shoes,

Is my bigger fish to fry.

So I’ll end these musings,

And set down the quill,

To rest a while,

And be very still.

You will hear from me again,

Sooner rather than later,

And my wit will have grown,

As will have yours, alligator!

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