She Walks with Ravens

Grayscale Photography of Person on Cliff
Flora Westwood photo credit

They call to her

each morning


with echoing rhythms

in three and four time,


“you know you are

each moment new

nothing to hold onto

nothing to define you ~

in this holy dance

Nameless existence ~

a synonym for the identity

we see you choose and discard

Do not worry

we will eat your leftovers

the charred bits

and decaying refuse

Working in tandem

you can fly free

in the shadow of our wings.

It is our honor to support you

to ~ awaken with our caws

our holy meal

awaits your endeavor.

So, Shapeshift, dear one,

leave expectation behind.

walk with the Ravens.

know the silence. . .

of the womb, of the void ~

that chamber of the heart

so cavernous and stood.”

They call to her

and she listens.

She walks with Ravens

and the world is her oyster.

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