Soundings News 12/2020

Gray Rock Formation on Grass Field

Thanksgiving is now over and as we turn towards the December Holiday Season, I find myself reflecting on the gift of sound as it has unfolded in my life.

For many years I practiced my sounding techniques in the context of solo and choral performances:  the classical genre has many beautiful oratorios, and compositions by time-tested composers.  Singing with a group in a beautiful venue for a common purpose has a deeply generative and uplifting effect and it is something that is missed by many people during the covid restrictions.  During the summer months, neighbors would gather and we would sing for each other in the spirit of keeping the vibe of community and empowerment alive.  After the adjustment period, many people began going their separate ways again, yet the need was still there for some to continue to connect in the most nourishing ways possible.  Therefore, the online platforms began to open up and provide this service for people otherwise quarantined:  Facebook live, Facebook messenger, Zoom and Skype were platforms that I used to continue sharing music.  Doing so has been good for the heart.

A story comes to mind that occurred in the first days of sharing Sounding with folks that indelibly confirms this heart-felt benefit:  I advertised a free Sounding offering in a Facebook group and Candi (name changed) responded right away.  She has given me full permission to share her story, which I have edited for personal details.

We set an appointment and met in a Facebook Room that I created for free through Messenger.  My sounding equipment works wonderfully over this platform, which has been confirmed by other folks in the music making and music teaching genre of work/play.  Yet, how do you create resonance with someone with whom you have just met?

This is where the magic of Sounding comes in.  Practicing sound grounds you in the reality that you are a living, flowing vibration that is secondarily endowed (because of the apparent rate of vibration) with the capacity to navigate a physical realm.  Period.  We are vibration and therefore, not much is needed to create resonance, yet I could tell Candi had something on her mind.  I could feel it.

I began talking about how I came to practice sound in the way that I do – that a natural gift has given me the insight that my voice and music exist far outside of the confines of traditional composition and can be used to create music from intuition born of listening to the field.  Fields are constantly interfacing and interacting with one another and if you consider we each reveal the environment we maintain moment to moment to each other you see no masks can hide what is really going on.  So, instead of starting with chit chat, I just dove into what I am about and why and Candi began nodding her head.  Her story soon poured out:  a very uncomfortable set of circumstances arrived earlier in the year that challenged her earliest held beliefs. She, in her conditioning, was being shook to the core and as she made the needed shifts and changes, she was simultaneously searching for the kind of answers that her upbringing and religion could no longer provide while at the same time bearing the concern of a mother wanting to do right by her beloved child.

There was no need for the camera at this point, so we turned to sound, only. It was a good thing she was laying down because after I began sounding, she was able to go into deep relaxation.   She remarked to me after the Sounding that she had fallen asleep and that she never falls asleep during the day.  Further, her countenance was entirely shifted.  She appeared ten years younger as she allowed herself to shed the cares and worries that were not hers to carry:  she was doing everything she needed to do and the work we did with sound just alleviated the fears of the unknown that were unwittingly being shouldered.

Although Candi thanked me, a sparkling smile replacing the initial furrowed brow, I couldn’t help but feel that the thanks was something entirely mutual:  that we had come together to share and care and she received relief of her burden while I received relief from my burden in the form of confirmation. You see, I had been asking myself for many years what are my gifts and how do I share them.

Having gone our separate ways for months now, I still refer in my mind to Candi and our experience.  I refence it whenever I read for people in the mode of a Sounding.   Since it is so clear to me that the baggage of the fear of the unknown is a universal experience and, with practice and awareness, it need not be, this has become my calling.  This realization and the way it has unfolded my life has given me a great sense of urgency.  If this strikes a chord in then you can be sure it your calling as well.  Calling to what? To utilize whichever gifts you possess naturally to share the truths that we are sacred vibration – we are not separate, we are not only individual, but that we are one.  We may have work to do to understand this universally, but that doesn’t make it any less true.  May the Heart of the One, which we all share, resound within in such a distinct way today as to make it ever clear what we are. Each of us is a timeless gift of love-nourished being ~ and to care for and share this gift of ourselves fearlessly with all people within the earth at this time is to become a living Holiday ~ Holy Day.

With Love Always,


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