Sounding Meditation Q&A

Photograph of Greenhouse

Sounding Meditation, Q&A, Kathryn Hart Teixeira

 “In the depth of awareness we can rest, truly, in our peaceful nature”.

Welcome to this special and open-hearted time together!  Sounding is the term I use for the intent behind the musical meditation I offer.  It is synonymous with “resonating” and has to do with waves and vibrations as they relate, in nautical terms, to water.  Since we are made up of at least 70 percent water, the musical vibrations that I offer resonate the human body in frequencies of coherence.

What is coherence?  The most common reference is with laser light and its uses in medicine.  Coherence is an intense form of light in which the troughs and crests are equal, and the phase is constant.  Frequencies of waves in coherence are harmonious.  So then, with an intention of creating harmonious sound from the heart, a meditation is born.

What am I hearing?  During a sounding, your physiology is picking up many beneficial and coherent sound waves that interact in constructive interference.  The application of this interference is considered harmonious since coherent waves of different frequencies (troughs and crests of the waves within a constant phase are different heights and depths) interact and create an energetic exchange wherein more energy is created than with a single wave or a single frequency (like a whistle).

In addition, the study of harmonics admits that even a single tone (wave form in music, like singing the note “fa”) has subtle echoes up a mathematical scale that can be utilized for great effect.  This is because of a multitude of geometric shapes which correspond to the human body’s subtle aspects, or blueprint.  In fact, many times utilizing harmonic practice alone, folks are becoming so relaxed that they fall to sleep – – even if they don’t normally do so because of contributing factors such as it being daylight or being in the room with others, under stress, et al.   

How do I get the most out of my session?  Opening your heart to coherent, heart-based music-and-sound frequencies feels delicious and wonderful.    We can relax into the voice of the Heart which beckons “trust and allow.”  You may create a space for yourself that facilitates your sacred allowance and then and set your intentions.  It may help to wear comfortable clothing, turn the lights down and find a soft place to sit, lounge, or lay down. 

Prepare to allow travel to destinations and enjoy expansive vistas through harmonization.   My intention for all is that the trajectory of your experience resolves you into a deeper sense of harmony and relaxation.  And in truth, you are the practitioner, pilot and experiencer.

Your intent is the “why” of what you do and is the fuel for your conscious experience. Intending deep relaxation, for example, allows for deeper harmony achieved through awareness of our wholeness.   In the depth of awareness we can rest, truly, in our peaceful nature. 

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