Sounding Newsletter, 11/2020

by Kathryn Hart Teixeira, Voice of Presence

Photograph of Greenhouse

Welcome to the first Newsletter for Voice of Presence, my new Sounding practice.

What is Sounding the Depths?

When I receive your request for a Sounding appointment I go to the timeless place within the core of the Heart. I do not need to be with you to begin reading the information in terms of a vibrational sonic picture. This picture assists you in stepping into your awareness of your sacred core – the depths of you. Within each human are tones, vibrations and resonances. These feel more or less in harmony, depending upon our focus in the moment or how we have been responding to our feelings, thoughts and physiology.  When I sound for you, I offer a field for your whole being to resonate in harmony with your sacred expanses. While there, you make the shifts and changes that allow you to feel aligned and in-tune, so to speak. Sound is a wonderful way to do this since it bypasses the mental process or need for words and specific meanings. 

As you reference your Sounding experience in daily life, insights continue to deepen and you may find that you are able to step into your depths in a way that allows you to feel continuously harmonized.

It is natural to take time out of our schedule to refresh and renew ourselves. It is my intention to create a practice that is aligned with the heart’s natural desire to assist in the renewal process.

Utilizing sound to renew ourselves is so nourishing.  Sound – harmony, melody, rhythm, harmonics, intervals – especially when matched with intention, can reach places inside that have felt frozen or unexpressed. A little about my background:  in training my voice in music school in the 90’s, the most magical things happened during practice sessions.  I was learning to focus and create coherent and beautiful sound and the abilities that were hiding within began to come forth and blossom. Soon I began playing with intention and when my singing reflected this heartfelt connection, I became a conduit for grace and consolation. After my children were born and their gorgeous vibrations were in my life, I was inspired to begin composing and creating music from a moment-to-moment awareness of my experience as a creator – making music directly from the field!

In fact, that is what is happening during a Sounding. Our fields – or the “what” of us – are present within the greater field of All That Is. Technically, I open my heart and mind to this benevolent field and translate the impressions I receive into notes, tones and sequences that resonate with the timeless present. If this feels magical it is simply because we are connecting the dots between our being and the present moment – which are One and the same. 

This magical sense of being- where shifts happen naturally and spontaneously – is the gift and grace of Sounding. Whether you initiate yourself once or make it a regular part of your sacred hygiene, it is my honor to assist on your journey. Thank you for your courage and willingness to nourish your presence. It is my experience that you have taken a step in becoming living harmony. Blessings in the One, Katie 

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