I am in the business of authenticity. What does that mean to me? Everything I create comes from this premise. It comes first. Why?

That is where the fun is! If I started to create my life from others’ or my own expectations, my creative well would run dry because the source of nourishment would be mind-made. It is hard to sustain mental creations since the mind only creates what it already knows.

What does that mean? Inspiration. Breathing and flowing with my life’s energy while allowing the mind to calm down and take a very comfortable seat on the over-stuffed sofa at the back of the room (haha) allows my composite self to come forward. What is that?

My composite self is who I am without any labels or designations. To be sure, it flows through my personality, yet it is grounded in the myriad aspects of ME that may or may not be obvious. For example, I appear as a westerner and have been schooled in the institutions of western music. I understand music theory and counterpoint norms as well as song-leading techniques. I’ve even been awarded Master of Music in the western tradition – which means I have jumped through many hoops to show that I have the ability to nourish and prolong the tradition of western music. And . . .

. . . western music is constantly changing! Without going into too much music history, the 20th and 21st century have found many innovative composers working within the paradigm of western music, yet stretching its bounds. We studied the work of John Cage, for example, where a piano piece, four minutes long, is without any musical notation. It is simply a concert pianist, sitting on stage with the music, holding silent space for four minutes, and it is iconoclastic. People clap and pay for . . . their expectations to be frustrated! (for a dramatic YouTube version in black and white go to – valid as of 9/23/2020).

To be fair, not everyone wants their expectations to remain unmet. If so, they will resonate with and find that which is perfect for them in their authenticity. It is a win-win situation, since your vibration really speaks for you, doesn’t it? Yet that is another blog post altogether! Stay tuned . . . and in the meantime, here is to the artist of authenticity!

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