Baby steps

Baby steps

Babies may ask you to hold thier hands

while they find their footing.

Is it uncomfortable

to go slow?

To know

that I am falling forward

again and again –

embracing the unknown with each step?

I become tranquil

as I slow down


to be aware

of where my attention

is focused.

“Don’t be a baby”, “She’s a bit slow”, “hurry up!”, “Go for it!”, “Get with the game” and so on and so on

the familiar din goes.

There is nothing inherently


with time, or speed, or taking big steps.

And yet,

babies’ faltering steps

are full of lightness and the gift of spontanaeity.

There is the joy of movement, the excitement of

risk, the experience of strength from taking a fall and

it being okay afterall.

So much heart in a baby’s step.

2 thoughts on “Baby steps

  1. Beautiful — so important to acknowledge our”baby steps!” It’s great to have a goal, as long as you don’t get so focused on it that you don’t see the path on the journey to it. Thanks for visiting. You have a lovely blog to which I shall return. I used to do a lot of singing, so there will be some good tidbits here for me. Thank you, Alia


  2. Alia, I am honored to have you read my blog. I am a Meta yoU graduate of Toni’s and she inspired me to start writing. It has become a wonderful way for me to dive into my own potential, so to speak.


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