Tribute to Katherine

Dearest Katherine (1943-2013 – physical life on earth)

It is with a heart full of gratitude

and love that I honor you today.

Your life touched mine in ways

that I am still recognizing.

When I felt worthless, you held

me in the vision of worthiness.

When I felt resplendent, you celebrated

my joy – making it your own.

The ups and downs of my life as a human

recognizing her true self were held in the highest regard

by your unswerving gaze.

Thank you for daring to care, Katherine,

Thank you for demonstrating true compassion:

for letting people be people.

Thank you for reminding me not to let my vibration

go below enjoyment for any person, place or thing.

Thank you for your devotion to the One Heart

and for always offering your best to the world.

Thank you for allowing yourself to shift so fearlessly

and thank you for just being you.

I treasure you now and always

and I count it a rare privilege

to be your friend.

Blessings to you

in this transition –

a wondrous leg of your journey.

I miss you and love you.

The Angels are no doubt

busy in the welcoming their own.

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