Thank You

A Giant Thank You to all of the supporting roles in my life.  All of you, especially in this moment my children and husband, for agreeing to play these roles with me.  As a result, I am refining my awareness of my self as it appears in everything as everything.  The mirrors of clarity that you hold up, that show me what I am suppressing, give me such fuel and momentum for diving into all of the hardened places of inner being that are crying for admission into my own heart.  In this moment I open my heart with such gratitude and appreciation to you. 

What is it I have been suppressing, you ask?  my enormous capacity to allow my wise heart to be my guide in all that I think, say and do; my ability to open myself to any confusion (which can include feelings of anger, resentment, fear, not-knowing, guilt, et. al)  that comes up for any reason at all and to surrender to the wisdom it is ultimately leading me to;   this enormous light that I AM that I began “hiding under a bushel” so to speak so very long ago that is now asking to flower and shine.


Again and again,

in allowance and infinite patience

I dive within my heart and see, really see,

the light, I AM, flowing

within the eternal flame.

For I AM God, I feel through both

flame and shadow, and neither,

define what it is to be the I AM.

These words, in the name

of the One Heart

I repeat now

With a “shout out”

to those supporting actors

who shine the light of clarity

in compassion and truth

so that the I AM that I AM

may illumine all of our lives

infinitely and all ways.



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