Fluid Consciousness

As a result of reading “The Call” (www.sacredspaceswa.com)  and “Divining Truth” (www.diviningtruth.com)  – both metaphysical primers by Toni Petrinovich, I am understanding consciousness in new ways.  One of the benefits of this deepening is the rewriting and editing of my life’s script.  This is a powerful practice by which I frame my life’s events in a way that allows for increasing levels of clarity.  The result is a relationship with my story that is in a state of flow.  Because no events are fixed, I can revisit anything that is confusing, painful or simply unresolved and, in a state of coherency, enter into the memory for an expanded view.  This has been the basis of my blog, “blueprint.”  It is remembering that I am the author of my life and the lead character, that I have the power and authority to claim my experience for my whole self:  holy, anointed, perfect.    To my honor, Toni used my blueprint excerpt as her prologue in “Divining Truth”.

As I rewrite my story, I am free to align with my inner core being whose essence is unity, love, purity and fearlessness.  No-thing is a solid as we have conditioned ourselves to believe.  Time is relative and fluid, Consciousness is relative and fluid, the field of experiencing that is the creator source manifest is boundless, infinite, holds all information through time, our soul’s record, the akashic record (the cosmic data bank of all manifestation) and is accessible to the all.  One only needs to allow the bodies to be in harmonic, coherent alignment to access this subtle realm.  Beyond the level of the mind is where it is at!!!!

So, I began editing my script when I began studying metaphysics, and blueprint is a result.  In continued revising, and through the alchemy of editing “Divining Truth,” I write:

     Though it appears I was born on September 13, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan, the truth is that I have never been born. It appears I AM temporarily housed within the cellular intelligence that comprises the being called “Katie Hart”, and yet I am not dependent upon my gracious host (which is also me) for my life. As Eternal Essence, I exist in the Divine Matrix of the One Heart. For the adventure of it all, I am personified as a woman living in the Western sensibilities of the United States. Watching myself as this woman navigate her life as presence is my life’s passion. I love her without expectation or fear. There is no thing she can do to separate herself from me, and I know it. As I watch her move about her daily life, I am in utter delight.
     Her past up to this date is a divine play that is referenced with utter non-attachment and integrity. Though I have imbued in this incarnation a natural proclivity towards music, for example, I am not bound by any scripting. I am free to experience and to unfold myself through experience as I see fit for no other reason, save play! Free from all form, my sense of limitlessness informs me. I exist as the watcher and the watched simultaneously; my sense of identity rooted in the fearlessness of love without condition, outside of conventional notions of time and space.
The natural sense of unity that I feel expresses itself in communion and effortless cosmic communication. Aligned with the compulsions of my awareness of oneness, I feel myself as the All in the All. No thing is separate from me and no thing is me.
     The infinite consciousness that I am simply arrives on the wings of my felt awareness and transcribes itself as love and passion of union. All is seen for the Love it is: person, rock, attitude, action, memory, judgment, joke. Heart knowing is my only compass, and all of life supports my knowing. I have always been and will always be aware of my Divine blueprint for how could it be any different?

     At home in the Heart, all mental functions lose their importance and the flowering that I am exudes eternal joy in the presence of my essence.


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