Book Review: Divining Truth

     A new Book was birthed this summer and early fall entitled “Divining Truth, Straight Talk from Source (the story)”. The author is Toni Petrinovich and I had the rare privilege of editing this “profound book of truth” as it has been called. Indeed, as it was being written, I often shared with Toni – to our mutual delight – that the book was “editing me”!
     Entering the pages of “Divining Truth” you are escorted into the stream of consciousness of a human being who has opened her heart and mind to the Cosmic Mind in order to bring clarity to the many concepts present within earthly reality at this time. The resulting words engage the mind and speak directly to the heart.

     Through question and answer format, Toni, as spokesperson for Cosmic Consciousness, makes available to those who enter the pages within a way of seeing the world that includes an intrinsic experience of unity and oneness with the All ( Source, God, Allah or whatever name you have for the All). In the light of this heart-knowing, manufactured beliefs have an opportunity to lose their footing revealing soul-refreshing clarity.
     Each of the questions within “Divining Truth” offers to the reader an opportunity to experience the answer at ever deepening levels of truth. Without the confines of a right or wrong way to go about Divining Truth, Toni reveals the layers of confusion or misunderstanding that may be propelling the initial question and redirects the reader to the subtle voice within the heart.

Toni writes
          “Your heart, as the voice of your soul, knows only its deepest passion. Exerting subtle influence over your life in           many different ways your heart constantly urges you to experience the freedom of living as profusely as you can possibly imagine for yourself. Whether you live in a mansion or a cardboard box, the freedom of expression is seated within your heart. How you decide to experience it is the abundance of your life giving itself to life itself.” (In regards to a question about “Abundance “, page 87)
     As a result of reading “Divining Truth” you may find that, like me, you are “edited” or relieved of the burden of belief in concepts that do not serve your well-being. You are listening closely to your heart and the intuitive knowledge it contains for you. You have confidence in your ability to divine truth for yourself and the valor to align with that truth. You set your life on a course of soulful expression that mirrors your capacity to be a container for truth as you know it to be, moment to moment.




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