When I was a young child I was touched by the stories and pictures of the Master Jesus welcoming and enjoying children.  There was a picture of this scene hanging over the piano in our home.  There is a photo of me sitting on a piano bench looking quite resolute as a little one.  I can summon that feeling within myself now.  I am knowing then and now that the hallmarks of childhood: boundlessness, joy, a feeling of bouancy, freedom and presence – play and magic and innocence and laughter are holy!  They are sanctified and precious!

Holy Joy!

The other night in a vivid dream I gave birth to a baby.  It was effortless!  I was with a male and female midwife type team and we went into the womb of mother earth and, on queue,  out came baby!  The painless birth was accentuated by this healthy and vibrantly connected child.   The Umbilical chord was not severed.  I named the baby Joy.

In this “waking” moment, my inner child is glowing in this moment as my outer child – my three year old – crawls on my lap!

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