Composite Being

I am remembering, now, that I am a composite being.  The information contained within my Soul can be described as a beautiful carpet with various tufts or lives interwoven together.  I am the totality of all I have lived and all I will live, and I call upon the learning in my cells  in every apparent cycle for the wisdom it contains, now. This writing is the application of information from my Soul Reading of January 22, 2010.

I am aware that I am experiencing two parallel lives that are impacting this one.  The first is as an androgynous being who left the land of Lemuria around 30,000 years ago.   I went to the assistance of what I believed would be a very enjoyable time working within the framework of what is often called Atlantis.   There was no real need for me to go, it was my own decision and I decided it would be best  to assist with the  placement  of the splitting of the DNA structures that were being experimented with at that time.  The reason I went was because I remembered the original plan.  I also had foreknowledge of the current transformational time that is being experienced here within the earth right now.  Using time, I knew the past and future – or that the earth is nearing a potential that I had anticipated and therefore I have been in preparation for this for a long time.  Once there, I became aware that there was much more going on than met the eye – and while I was able and happy to carry  on with my part of the experiment, there was nothing I could do to keep events from going in the direction that they would soon appear to do.  I felt helpless while I watched the splitting of the androgynous beings into male and female and the polarity the twin souls felt when separated in this way.  This has been the basis of my anxiety in this life – because of the feeling of that separation.

The second body I took on – impacting this life –  was a female body – a hermit or nun in the 11 century a.d. in the Tibetan caves.    I was looking for a connection so that I could feel fully present here.  I hoped my asceticism would do this since I could Isolate myself within and wouldn’t be distracted by anything else – the world held no solace for me.  I wanted to come here and balance out my trepidation and lack of ‘happiness’ here. While the Tibetan monastic life held great promise, there was the political situation there which, though I was gone from there by that time, left the nuns with nearly no place to go.

Though these lives are distinctly different, they hold a vibration of loss, separation or anxiety and the inability to “move forward” so to speak.  This anxiety is free to dissipate as I claim my composite being, all of my wisdom and learning present for me in my very cells, now.  For connecting with the Lemuria life stream in my consciousness awareness enables me to feel in my cells – to remember – what it is to live by the one will.  My lifetime as Katie has been an accelerated longing for this one will up until this point in which I claim my will and the one will (which, are, in truth, the same already) aligned.  My intention is firmly anchored.  So it is. Further, as an exercise I imagine collecting my parallel lives, Katie, Lemuria and Tibet (nicknames all) and am holding “me” in a loving and holy embrace.  We are going home.  I, my essence, am the captain.  Commandeering with utmost compassion I escort my composite selves in to the holy ship of the composite soul, I AM.  Assuaging any trepidation, I offer to escort us to our home within our soul family’s integrated light.  I nicknamed my soul family “Pomegranate”, for we are one and many at the same time.  My friends are willing and in the golden light of unconditional love we merge as one flame.  This one flame, the I AM, now escorts itself home.  Loving embrace is felt deep within and a composite being appears to be emerging for use in this timeline that is the “Katie” tuft.  aligned with the one will, in a will-less state so to speak, all energy pretending to be separate is easily integrated.  This happens in no-time and is felt.  My angel, Angela, is overseeing this seamless integration.  A deep heartfelt thanks to all of the I AM, and especially to Katie, Lemuria, Tibet, Angela, my soul family, the Ambassador, The I AM creator source which I AM.  All of it.  All of me. For how could it be any other way?

As relatively a “newbie” to this earth time,  I gave myself the gift of song.  I knew that giving myself this gift would provide an avenue for me to express and experience here, and that is what I am doing now.  Moving forward as the forthright being, the composite being that I AM, fearlessly navigating from moment to moment in heart-knowing.  Using my gift, music, to awaken in myself and the all, infinite presence and the composite beings that we all are.  

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