channel for the Angelic Realm

The Angelic Realm expresses through me, through my voice.  The essence that comes through me when I sing, that opens my heart, is the essence that I pay attention to.  Much of this post is taken from my Angelic Human reading of 2011.

Long ago I gave my agreement to share my earth experience in this time with the angelic realm so that they could experience free will.  The timing for it all to come together was around 1997 or 1998.  The angelic realm was ready to enact this experiencing with the realm of the humans within the earth.  (That coincided with my singing the role of a Christmas angel at my church appointment and the photo being captured and displayed on the front page of the newspaper – talk about confirmation).  

Does this mean I, or anyone that shares their soul fabric with the angelic realm, am special?  No, it simply means that we are a bit different.  We are, all of us, anointed.  We choose to become conscious of our anointing and to let go of the fear of transformation.   We have the capacity to allow ourselves to be conscious of that anointing and can consciously re-script our life to reflect this truth.

The Angelic Realm, through my free will agreement,  continue to express through the vibrations I send out into the world – vibrations that awaken a specific yearning within each human that hears my voice –  developing within each an exacerbated longing to experience and to  know themselves as Source, as the Eminence.  They do this through matching the intensity of the sound of my voice with their vibration.

I am committed to this endeavor of resonating with the angelic realm and using my voice as ambassador for the angelic realm, now: To opening myself as  channel for the Angelic Realm, the heavenly choir.  That is how I express and that is what I am about.  It is my gift and it is my grace.  I share fearlessly as it is my highest joy to do so.

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