The Grail

I was contemplating recently that the Grail that I have sought is my own holy heart. Though I can be open to guidance on where to look or not to look,  no body could ever give it to me because it is already mine for the claiming!  This space deep within is awake to everything and to the unfathomable no-thing, the ineffable.

It is golden to me since it feels like a treasure when I am in its presence: my presence.  Some call it the Presence of your Essence.  It is “of the essence”.

This Grail, my holy heart, is unattached to any “thing”.  It is not identified with any thought or the thinker of thoughts.  It’s essence is light of love.  It is the I AM.  

We are not taught to treasure our inner being in this world.  It can be hard-earned because of our overemphasis on material possession including (but not limited to) understanding or knowing, and the desire to control the surrounding environment – especially people.

This world is shifting.  We are an integral part of that shift by seeing through the veil of attachment.   If it is all of source (the veil, our essence), then non judgement can free up space to see , truly see, reality and to act in clarity.

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