I don’t know

I don’t know.

Acknowledging I don’t know, when it is true for me (which is more and more often!!!), invites me into a space of surrender.  When I am in the space of surrender, willingness, trust, and then knowing all have an opportunity to bloom – blessing everyone and everything invol  I don’t have to figure anything out or understand the “why” of it.  The knowing that I seek is always available to me – it only appears to be obscured by some passing clouds – and yet clinging to a need to know or be certain only holds the clouds in place so that the sunlight of knowledge cannot be felt.  The electromagnetic waves that comprise my physical vehicle are found in their greatest concentration in the area of my heart, the voice of my soul.  When my coherent heart is acknowledged and attention is paid to it, it has the ability to entrain (draw along with) my whole self, mind, emotions and body – and then my spirit soars again!  So, in this moment, I welcome the sense of not knowing. I ease into it!   I trust I will awaken me to my truth and find it is no longer buried within.  How simple it all is and I remember now the freedom of knowing when I do and knowing when I do not know!


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