Esoteric Art Review

The vibrant art form known as REA or Rainbow Energy Art Alive was developed by intuitive soul artist Pamela Cail.  I’ve come to know Pam through our common calling to express as the Love of I AM that we are.  Deeply aligned with her soul’s calling to express as the Essence of her presence in this lifetime, Pamela infuses her presence, her knowing into each piece of art she creates.  Before I commissioned a Soul REA painting from Pam (while pregnant with my son), I was overwhelmed by the beauty of her work.  Pam’s dedication to each artwork is evident in not only the final masterpiece that exudes the vibration of pure, unconditioned love, but in each step along the way.  Her website lovingly guides you through choosing the size and price range that is appropriate for your budget.  She is forthcoming about her sacred process which occurs in the silence of her workspace as she connects via her heart to the All That Is from which she draws inspiration.  After acknowledging her sacred connection within, she connects with the soul of her client and voila!  She is caught up in a whirl of not-knowing that delights and fills her with intuitive information about color, brush stroke, crystal and so on.  If you’ve ever created from this place of deep absorption, you know the focus, concentration, heart and simultaneous abandon and freedom that is required.  Pam takes herself to the edge of what she knows and allows herself the honor of stepping into the unknown over and over again, for her joy and for our joy and benefit.

My soul portrait hangs on the wall over my fire mantle piece and is a constant reminder that I am a standing wave:  pure vibration with its center in the Heart of the All.  As I contemplate the colors and shapes and stones embedded in the piece, I am escorted into a world of possibility and promise:  the call of the One Heart personified.  Give yourself the gift of an REA portrait and don’t wait!  it is a gift that continuously gives and will enhance the space in which it is displayed for all who enter there.  This is your life and Pam is eager and willing to collaborate with you to help you make it your own – one brush stroke at a time.

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