shaman children

No where in my life am I more aware of my perceived limitations and my perceived potentialities than in my relatingships with my children.  My children are both in a toddler stage of life, now.  Full of the zest of life and the demands of their emerging personalities, to say they are a handful and an inspiration is no exaggeration.

Wrestling with my reactions to the various beliefs I have about the right way to do things as a mother strengthens my focus on my essential nature.  The form that contains the I AM That I AM is, in reality, a no form.  It is a standing wave with the potential to be in resonance with infinite, unlimited presence.  That is what my shaman children are inspiring within me:  the ability to respond to the infinite possibilities in each moment.  Though the responses may vary moment to moment, the sense of stepping into my own shoes and owning my right to be at peace with what is unfolding is the common denominator.

Shifting from identity with form to identitiy with Presence in form is the gift of my shaman children.

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